Cooking with Canned Rabbit, or “How does it REALLY taste?”

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Yesterday I wrote about canning rabbit.┬áToday, I’ll cover what it actually tasted like, and what I did with the first jar I opened.
As I mentioned before, the smell while it was processing was VERY
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Pressure Canned rabbit

Canning rabbit

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I’ve had a VERY productive year raising my New Zealand/AlTex cross meat rabbits. Not that I should be surprised, they ARE rabbits. And since I’ve packed my tiny freezer full of rib eye steaks, I’m kind of low on available storage for animal protein. A perfect chance to try out the […]

Rabbit Jerky Dog treats

Making your own All Meat Dog treats

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Man’s best friend. If you are a dog person, you understand this phrase. (If you are a cat person, why are you even here? You should be in therapy NOW!)
Until last year, I had been without a dog in my life for almost two decades, and […]

Mangrove Snapper Ceviche

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I went fishing on my birthday for two reasons – To go fishing to relax, and to hopefully make some fresh ceviche!
Ceviche is pretty close to a fresh salsa that includes a citrus fruit juice (high acid) with raw fish added that become chemically cooked (not as bad as it […]

Bear Sausage

Odd n Ends and Barter Tales

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First, I lightly apologize for missing a post last Friday. I say lightly because I’m not doing this to impress anyone, I’m doing this as an outlet for my frustrations and as a form of therapy, as well as a log of sorts as to what I’m […]

There May Be Hope Yet

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Like every generation, many of us have lost touch with our past.
This country was founded by folks that were self-reliant, self-sufficient , and strong of mind and body. From the first settlers that carved a life out of the unknown wilderness, to our grandparents that saw
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Roasted Dutch Oven Chicken (Extra Crispy!!!) Part 2

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So as poorly as it went the first time, you would believe it if we simply gave up and never tried again. However, there were a few
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Thinking about Raising Coturnix or Pharoah Quail?

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Here is one reason why – eggs!
Yes, they are smaller. Yes the shell is thick when compared to the egg size. Yes they are difficult to open without busting up the shell and getting pieces of the shell into the egg.
However, they are tasty, make the […]

Four bundles of future joy

Rib-eye on sale, or “A Paleo Opportunity knocks”

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I have been living the Paleo lifestyle for over 5 months now, and I am finding it easier every day to now think about how much I miss bread. For those unfamiliar with “Paleo”, basically, it is zero grains, zero legumes, zero refined sugars. This […]