The Price of Freedom, or FloridaHillbilly Goes to the VA Hospital

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Healthcare is a front page story item, and probably will be for a long time. Whether we’re talking about the implications of the health care reform tax credit, or coverage options, health care will be a hot topic for the foreseeable future.  […]

Confessions of a Bag Lady

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I wanted to give db a break from writing, although he loves doing it, to add to his site.  You may have heard (or read) mention of me as, “the wife”, from time to time in his posts.  If you are reading this now, that means he has […]

Rabbit Cages

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This is about the lessons I’ve learned from raising rabbits. Most of these are self-taught, and mostly due to doing things the wrong way the first time. And sometimes second.
This is also timely for a couple of reasons. I’ve given out some rabbit samples to some co-conspirators that wanted to try […]

French Breakfast Radish

Prepper ‘Fast Food’

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My household is a hurricane-ready one. We have plans for food, water, and several options for providing power in the event of another hurricane hitting this area. We went through several before, so have some idea what the aftermath is like, so can plan for many things we know may […]