Rabbit Jerky Dog treats

Making your own All Meat Dog treats

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Man’s best friend. If you are a dog person, you understand this phrase. (If you are a cat person, why are you even here? You should be in therapy NOW!)
Until last year, I had been without a dog in my life for almost two decades, and […]

Kindle 3, Part 2 Free (mostly) book sources

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In the previous post regarding the Kindle 3, I mentioned that I get a LOT of free reading material. Below I’ve outlined many of the places I find free books. This is in no way complete list…but do read on!
(function() {var s = document.createElement(‘script’);var t […]

Kindle 3

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    Light or set on fire.
    Arouse or inspire (an emotion or feeling).
   To give birth to young. Used especially of rabbits.

Fire is something I’ve written about several times, and is one of the major skills in survival circles. Since this blog is for expanding my circles of knowledge, I consider […]

my deam day

I’ve found my “Heaven”

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Stumbling around the web the other night, I ran across this pic, thought it defined what a perfect day in the outdoors was to me…..
I’m working towards this goal…here’s what I have so far:
Kayak – check!
Hammock – check!
Laid-back, “I need another nap”, “Cell phone? What cell phone?” attitude – […]

Mangrove Snapper Ceviche

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I went fishing on my birthday for two reasons – To go fishing to relax, and to hopefully make some fresh ceviche!
Ceviche is pretty close to a fresh salsa that includes a citrus fruit juice (high acid) with raw fish added that become chemically cooked (not as bad as it […]

A birthday moment

How I spent my birthday

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Last week marked my 43rd year on this rock. I celebrated by taking the day off from work, loading up my kayak, and drowning 4 dozen shrimp, one by one in an effort to catch some fish. I was hoping for some sheepshead,  a dear favorite of mine, […]

My little truck with a LOT of bamboo

Bamboo SCORE!

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I received an email from a friend last week regarding my search for bamboo. Her significant other, Scott, owner & operator of  “Chomp’n Grass Landscape Design & Maintenance” (772- 209-1729), had a line on some bamboo for me. He called me the next day, and we arranged to meet Friday morning. […]

Mora of Sweden’s model 11863 Companion MG Guest Update

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I’ve been bugging RidgeRunner to write up something to post here, since he is a wealth of useful information about many of the skills our society has forgotten. Today, I’m posting something he was telling me about. While it is short, it is full […]

Preventing chickens from flying (or jumping fences)

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My chickens like to stray from time to time, jumping into the adjacent lot. Most times I don’t mind…much, but in truth, I’d prefer they’d just stay in the yard. I cannot afford a taller fence, so the next option is to eliminate the birds ability […]

Chili-Lime Papaya Chips

Dried Chili Lime Papaya Chips

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If you recall the volunteer papaya tree I mentioned before, you’ll realize its been quite a while since it first sprouted. In fact, its now been long enough to start harvesting 4-5 pound fruits from it
I’ve been working on an aquaponics system (a future post, I’m sure) […]