Coloring Quail Eggs for Easter

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A quick one, it’s been a hectic week, I even missed posting yesterday, sorry!
Today is Good Friday (as if they make a BAD Friday…). That means Easter is a couple days away. And while I don’t go to church, I know that the proper way to celebrate the […]

My Bookshelf – Back To Basics

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As I’ve mentioned before, there are a lot of self-sufficiency, survival, or homesteading books that I own. I will list each book one at a time, and will consist of books I own and consider a resource to rely on. Some are on my Kindle, others are […]

Backyard Garden yeild

Urbanstead Update March 2013

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It’s been a while so I thought I’d update whats going on in my urban backyard “farm”. I like to write these out from time to time to show you what I’ve accomplished, as well as to track where I’ve been. My memory isn’t what it used to be, […]

Choosing Your First Handgun – Currently a Free Kindle Book

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Update 27 March 2013: This book is no longer offered as a free download, unless you are an Amazon Prime member. The price listed at the time of this writing is $6.99. However, even at that price, I consider this an excellent first […]

Rabbit Jerky

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I love my rabbits. They offer me therapy, handling them and working with them each day is soothing to me. They offer me some of the best manure I can find for my gardens, allowing me to make my great soil in my raised beds even better. And of course, they […]

The Value of Properly Handled Foods

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(There are two pages today, a new thing for me here. Please be sure to read both pages)
I was digging through my chest freezer a few days ago, and ran across a package of venison, simply labelled “bs”. Now if you’ve read ANY of my other posts, […]

A Visit at Bogle’s Bunny Farm

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For the last few months, I have been getting grief from RidgeRunner about the rabbit hides I give him. Grief might be a strong term. Let’s just say he’s bored with white.
Yes, too cryptic, I know. You see, RidgeRunner gets all of the rabbit hides when I […]

My Bookshelf – The Ashley Book of Knots

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There are a lot of self-sufficiency, survival, or homesteading books that I own. I wanted to start listing them, but won’t include books like “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert Heinlein, even though I’ve read it over a dozen times, and consider it to […]

Reef Hunter

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I’ve mentioned my friend SB several times. He and his family introduced me to spear fishing, a past time I’ve used to replace one of my old loves, hunting. SB has also impressed me with his smoked rabbit and reminded me of the value of brining before cooking.
And since he was […]

Jalapeno Spam

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Ironically, this article about Spam will be short.
We make, buy, stock and eat quite a bit of canned meats. From canned mullet and to Yoders bacon to canned rabbit, I’ve probably tried making it, or at least tasting it. And of course, I’ve eaten my share of Spam. Not as much […]