make your own taco seasoning mix

Using Bulk Stored Goods – Taco Seasoning and Corn Bread

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Recently, I made it home from work before my wife did. Since she’s such a trooper in dealing with all the things that make most folks look at me in a strange manner (at least living here in town), I thought it would […]

Coturnix Quail for Homesteaders

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I’ve had a bit of interest over the last few weeks regarding quail as a backyard meat source. I thought I’d dust off the topic and put another article together covering the ins and outs of raising Coturnix quail, particularly in an urban setting. It is a rather long […]

Another Reason to Produce Your Own Food

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I was talking with BlueTang today, and he mentioned the fact that there is an ongoing swine epidemic….not swine flue affecting humans, but a virus that affects swine, killing large numbers of them.
A quick Google search reveals this:
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Manatee Steaks – Finally!

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Over the weekend, my family and I made a road trip 4 hours west to Tampa in order to visit some friends from my high school days back in West Virginia. It seems I am far from the only West Virginia hillbilly living in Florida…(and definitely far from the […]

Five Reasons I Grow My Own Food

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I’d like to go over my five reasons I try to grow my own food, or at least as much food as I am able to squeeze into my already hectic life.
It all started when one of my daughters was 5 years old, we noticed she […]

Pressure Canning

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A few weeks ago, I  received an email from Jeff, The Berky Guy over at Directive21, in regards to an impending price increase in canned beef. It appears that due to a shortage from a variety of reasons, we are about to get squeezed again as consumers.
Over the last couple of […]

Hog Harvesting

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First, let me tell you that this is NOT a “How-To”,  it is simply an “I Got to” article. Also, this will include graphic details and pictures. This is about turning a live animal into food, start to finish. We took healthy animals, in an environment we controlled, and ended up […]

The Value of Backyard Protein

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I’ve often been asked what price I’d charge for the rabbits, quail, ducks, or chickens I raised in my backyard. I’ve done some rough estimations on what I have invested in each animal, but the number of variables staggers me.
Do I include electricity used to pump the water […]

Book Review and Giveaway: Recipes & Tips for Sustainable Living with Stacy Harris

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Today’s article was brought to you by the fine folks over at Go check out their great line of custom apparel, and tell them FloridaHillbilly sent you! (click to open a new page)
(See below for my giveaway of a […]

Meat Rabbit Q&A

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Today’s article is brought to you by Stacey’s Tasties. They offer a long lists of canned jams and jellies, including my personal candied jalapeno recipe. She sells out quickly, but is always making more….drop her a line to see what she has in stock…and tell her Florida Hillbilly sent ya! […]