A Failure on my part – Overgrown gardens

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Florida is home to a fantastic array of flora and fauna. We have artichokes to zoysia grass, and armadillos to zebra mussels. And most of it flourishes at one point or another during the year. As far south as we live, we rarely get a […]

No Man is an Island

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The title should be “No man should try to be an island, or he’ll perish”, but that just doesn’t flow. I’m sure there is a way to make it sound better, to flow, but its beyond me….maybe I should ask Anne Ramsey. (Let me know if you get the reference).
While […]

The Vinegar Experiment

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I had a batch of wine that the wife just didn’t like. She’ll pull punches on me and go ahead and drink some of what I make, even though its not a big hit with her, either out of kindness or pity, I’m still not sure. But this batch was […]

Post-Op Ramblings…

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I’m feeling much better today, able to move around with a lot less pain. Now to get back into a more “regular” sleep pattern. I’ve been sleeping most days and up most nights for the last few days, throwing off everyone’s daily routine. My posts have been irregular at best, and […]

Muscovy ducklings

Baby Duck (NOT the wine!)

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We had a recent addition to the back yard – ten baby duck hatched out last Saturday! Not a bad result from 13 eggs that were in the nest. Unfortunately, we’ve already lost two, I think they slipped into the neighbors yard and became doggie snacks. When I first saw […]

“Living the Dream” (at least a little bit of it)

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My good friend and mentor, RidgeRunner was asking about my health yesterday, and in our email conversation, he sent me some pictures of his Kentucky get-away that he finally has sorted out. RidgeRunner and I see eye to eye on many things, wanting […]

Unknown Places: IRC Public Shooting Range

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When do you welcome the government into your gun life? When they operate a public shooting range at the county level.
First, its good to be back at the keyboard. Thanks for all the well-wishes. I’m hurting, but have been sitting idle for about 36 hours since my […]

It takes all kinds

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America was once referred to as “The Great American Melting Pot”, something I was reminded every Saturday as a kid.

The military represents this very well, with young adults from all across this country coming together to sacrifice for the common good. And in my many travels, I’ve never seen another place that […]

Lionfish and Ciguatera – Final (??) Update

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Back in early July, I posted a warned that had been broadcast by most media markets regarding lionfish being unsafe to eat due to ciguatera.
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Life Happens – Are YOU ready for it?

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I lead a fairly active life, more than most, but probably not as active as I should be. My work consists of heavy lifting, bending, twisting, and can you believe it, swimming. My physical health is an important part of my work, so if I […]