DIY Small Scale Artillery – A Black Powder Cannon

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My father, “Pops”, was a welder by trade, as was his father. Both did far more than just weld, being from the same stock that built this country into the great powerhouse that it once was. Rare was the time either my dad or […]

Peace, Love, and Preparedness

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I was exchanging emails with what has turned out to be my latest advertiser, While finishing a reply, I signed off in my typical fashion, “Peace, db”, and laughed to myself about how much of a hippie I sound like. Not that it is a bad thing, […]

Product Review: Altai’s MF Tactical Boots

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From time to time, I am contacted to review products, some good, some not so good. I won’t review a product I wouldn’t try to use regularly, and won’t review products that aren’t realistic. When I get a request to review an item that “duplicates” products I […]

The Fastest Way to Sharpen a Knife

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(Here is an old article I wrote way back when. If you are like 90% of the households out there, your knives are dull. Here is a quick-fix for that issue. )
In my post reviewing the Mora Companion knife, I mentioned the Smith Abrasives 2-Step Knife […]

Pressure Canning

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A few weeks ago, I  received an email from Jeff, The Berky Guy over at Directive21, in regards to an impending price increase in canned beef. It appears that due to a shortage from a variety of reasons, we are about to get squeezed again as consumers.
Over the last couple of […]

My First 30 Days as a HAM

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Those of you who have been reading for a while (or those that know me personally) understand how compulsive I can be when I am interested in a subject. When I was about 12 years old, it allowed my brother and I to drive ourselves to […]

Revistiting Gear Review: Hotsnapz Reusable Heat Pads

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Do to the unseasonably (unreasonably?) COLD weather, I thought it timely to repost an article I wrote over a year ago about the Hotsnapz reusable hand warmers. I’ve touched the old review up a bit, and gave it some spit and polish. Hotsnapz are a product that […]

Last Week of the Year – Time to Take Stock

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Christmas is right around the corner, and of course New Year’s is right after that. Good old 20013 has almost come to a close. With the holiday season, most of us have a little down time. So instead of sitting around thinking about […]

Top 5 Christmas Gifts Every Prepper Should Have

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Let’s face it, being pragmatic about Christmas isn’t any fun. However, if times are tight, it might be a good idea to approach gift giving in this frame of mind. Not many folks like getting socks or underwear for Christmas…but almost everyone that does CAN […]

Prepping vs Prices

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Today’s article is brought to you by Stacey’s Tasties. They offer a long lists of canned jams and jellies, including my personal candied jalapeno recipe. She sells out quickly, but is always making more….drop her a line to see what she has in stock…and tell her Florida Hillbilly sent ya! […]