Florida Urban Homestead Update Summer 2013

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Today’s article is brought to you by JM Bullion! If you are looking to get started investing in precious metals, or add some more to your portfolio, give the folks over at JM Bullion a shout. Seriously. Check them out!
This is one of those boring “Here is […]

Interview at InTheRabbitHole.com

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Today I’ll be talking instead of writing. I was recently interviewed by the great folks over at InTheRabbitHole.com, Aaron and Jason.
Here is their post regarding my interview:

Episode 101: The Season II Finale
by AARON FRANKEL on MAY 12, 2013

 Episode 101: The Season II Finale [ 1:23:41 | 38.81 MB 
 Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download(Right-click, […]

The Price of Freedom, or FloridaHillbilly Goes to the VA Hospital

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Healthcare is a front page story item, and probably will be for a long time. Whether we’re talking about the implications of the health care reform tax credit, or coverage options, health care will be a hot topic for the foreseeable future.  […]

You Can Lead a Horse to Water, But You Can’t Make Them THINK

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…or maybe I should say “mule”. Try all you will to change someone’s thoughts or beliefs, and you fail almost every time. Why is that? Maybe some folks just don’t get it….
…or do they?
Human nature is predictable about 99% of […]

Gold finds with Prizm V

Metal Detecting – The only hobby I’ve ever had that pays for itself

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I went to the beach last week to try my hand at cast-netting some dinner. (Green Deane made it sound easier than I found it to be.)
As I was getting out of my truck, the a saw a guy loading […]

“Visiting Unknown Places” – Discount Tackle in Ft. Pierce

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Florida is FULL of unknown places, or at least places that most folks will drive by for years, and not realize what a gem they’ve been missing out on. Fishing spots, restaurants, mom and pop stores, shady rest spots, and other great places to add […]

Long Term Power Loss, and How We Practice For It

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I saw on TV today that another tropical depression was heading in my general direction, though currently not projected to hit near my home, but close enough to adversely affect local weather for a week or two.
Flipping through the channels, I ran across […]

Some days it’s “Fishing, some days it’s “Catching”

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They call it “fishing” , and not “catching” for a reason….probably to do with my meager skill set, something I’m sure I share with the majority of folks that go fishing.
Tides, sun, moon, stars, solunar tables, proper color, match the hatch, proper presentation, water temperature, the list goes […]

Speared Sheephead

A Kayak Trip to Boy Scout Island

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Well, I think it’s Boy Scout Island…seems there is some confusion as to what spoil island is actually Boy Scout. I thought I would go with that title instead of “A Kayak Trip to the northernmost island south of the Stuart causeway”. It just doesn’t flow well….
(function() […]

Paleo Mole Crab Poppers or “With Baited Breath”

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I love to fish, it’s a serious distraction to me. And while I try to learn as much as possible, I’ve grown to understand that they call it “fishing” rather than “catching” for a reason.
I was fishing late one evening about 18 years ago with my oldest […]