Whois: BlueTang

BlueTang, or BT, is a Florida native, born and raised in Martin county. He has a background in knives, meat, and diving.  I met him while getting dive certified over 15 years ago. Our paths crossed again and again, and eventually, we talked enough to realize how much we had in common.  We’ve not done any jail time together, but only because we met later in life, thankfully. With age comes wisdom….or simply laziness. Either way, neither of us try to let much bother us…and since we now share common careers, we tend to keep in pretty close contact.

Did I mention he calls me over to taste test his BBQ? That is worth staying in Florida all by itself! And as long as he continues to think that it still needs work (it doesn’t! His is better than most I’ve had at BBQ competitions), I get to keep on taste testing!

Works for me!





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