What Is It? Esoteric Edibles 1

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Learning about what grows here in south Florida has exposed me to some rather oddball edibles. I want to start to expand on what I’ve learned about alternative items that add variety to the table. Food should be fun. Until the day where we all line up […]

Another Reason to Produce Your Own Food

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I was talking with BlueTang today, and he mentioned the fact that there is an ongoing swine epidemic….not swine flue affecting humans, but a virus that affects swine, killing large numbers of them.
A quick Google search reveals this:
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Manatee Steaks – Finally!

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Over the weekend, my family and I made a road trip 4 hours west to Tampa in order to visit some friends from my high school days back in West Virginia. It seems I am far from the only West Virginia hillbilly living in Florida…(and definitely far from the […]