I’ve started blogging a dozen times, each eventually fizzled out for lack of direction. I’m hoping this time will be different, as I am using this as a sort of progress report for my “endeavors”.

I put that into quotes because my wife, Elizabeth, wouldn’t refer to them as that. She would more likely call it my latest short-term compulsion. I have a tendency to over-research things, tweak them until they run to my satisfaction, then get bored and move on to the next thing that interests me.

I’ve called this blog “The Florida Hillbilly” because I refer to myself as a hillbilly, having grown up in rural West Virginia. The Florida part refers to being trapped by income-producing labor that is located in Florida, aka “my job”. More about the job later, it isn’t the reason I have started this blog, my short-term compulsions are.

Sit back, try to remember that everything I write is MY perspective, may or may not (probably not) be the best way to do things, but it is how I am trying them. Consider me a high-tech, self-instructed, anachronistic Daniel Boone wannabe.

What you may find here will include, but probably not be limited to: survival, self-sufficiency, gardening, animal husbandry, product reviews, hunting, trapping, food preservation, rants, gripes, complaints, and links to more of the same. If I’m lucky, you’ll find some of this useful. If I do a good job of it, you’ll keep coming back.

I’m hoping for both.



  1. Roosters, incubators, predators, dogs…I don’t know man, $3.00 for a dozen is starting to sound like a steal….

    1. Actually, this is my third time living here…and I visited a lot as a kid.

      This is the first blog I’ve started that I’ve stuck with, mostly for therapeutic reasons, though I actually enjoy writing. The fact that some folks actually read it (and even subscribe??!?!?) amazes me sometimes. Wish I could get my kids to be this interested in what I’m doing :(

      Thanks for the kind words…my only regrets on your site is that I ran out of things to read before I ran out of interest in what you were writing. WRITE MORE, PLEASE! :)

      (And you are welcome to steal whatever you’d like…just give me a little credit here and there…not that much of it is original, its just M version of it.)

  2. “I have a tendency to over-research things, tweak them until they run to my satisfaction, then get bored and move on to the next thing that interests me.”

    You just described me. WordPress junkie…lol.

  3. I just finished reading thought the blog and wanted to say thank you for both the laughs and information! I was directed here from somewhere else but am a regular at ARFcom, which I see you are familiar with….. I am a lover of Mora knives, the Randall Model 5 is my favorite (although I use a Cold Steel ODA, same blade profile and more affordable, although I’d love a Randall!). What kind of glue does Cold Steel use to put that sticker on the Kukri, anyway? And my wife says I have a case iron fetish because of my collection of Dutch ovens and frying pans….
    thanks again and keep up the good work!

  4. Any information on Florida State Widlife/Game Department permits to raise coturnix (Pharaoh) quail (for eggs, meat) for personal use?

    1. No license needed for personal use of 50 or fewer, from what I read here:

      The good parts:

      This licensing requirement does not apply to:
      The possession, protection, propagation, raising or production of bison for commercial farming purposes.
      The possession, propagation, raising or production of 50 or fewer, live bob-white quail or non-native game birds (except non-native ducks and geese) for personal use, consumption, educational, dog training or other not-for-sale or exhibition purpose.
      Persons purchasing or receiving eggs for food or consumptive purposes.

  5. Are you located in the Panhandle area of FL or further down. Thanks for your blog. Cant’ wait to try the bananas.

  6. Any more comment placed here with “give me your address” will be deleted and permanently forgotten. HUNDREDS of folks have successfully contacted me, requested seeds, and received them…by reading the article.

    I bust my ass learning and writing this stuff, AND offer free seeds. If you want some of those seeds, the least you can do is read the damned article. Everything you need to find me is in there. If you can’t find it, I’m not helping you.

    I appreciate all of the interest, however, I’m not wasting any more of MY time on folks that will not put forth a little effort on their part.

    For those who have requested seeds since February 2014, expect up to a month delay, as I’ve received several hundred requests.

    If you do not wish to wait, they can be purchased here:


    They are the original source for my plants, and very nice folks…tell them Floridahillbilly sent you!

  7. got some ‘magical’ tomato seeds in the mail the other day, and wanted to say a big ThankYou for your time and information. I enjoy reading your blog, and appreciate your spirit.

  8. Hi, read about you in SunSentinel about a year or so ago when you wrote about Florida tomatoes. Can’t seem to find seeds locally and seem to remember that you recommended a source for mail order. Now that I’ve cut back to part time, I’d love to try them. Thanks!

  9. Greeting’s from Tampa, we transplanted our family here 7 years ago from Maryland. It took quit a while to get the hang of florida gardening.a lot of trial and error.. Has gone into our “prep” gardens. As we start our quest into first time chicken raising with hopes of furthering our homesteading adventures we stumbled upon you’re website and are very grateful for the information you have provided here.. Thank you for taking the time to share you’re helpful insight and knowledge…..it is very much appreciated, Henry (proud father of 11 )

    1. Woah! 11? Gonna need a bigger garden! :)
      If you live down this way, be sure to take up fishing! And since you live on the west coast of Florida, look into scalloping as well. Free sources of high quality protein! (Assuming there are no allergies!)

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