An intentional Foot pic

Random Pics (and some of my Back Story)

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I’ve always had a love for photography. I was the staff photographer for my high school yearbook, […]

Community Gardens

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Do how does a guy that has no use for organized sports end up driving 4 hours just to spend three days watching a team he doesn’t like play against another team he doesn’t like?
The same way he ends up staying in a state he didn’t care much for, only to […]

Creepy Crawlies or “Cheryl’s Nightmare”

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This week, we had a couple visitors worth mentioning, proof that even when you live in town, the wilderness can still be right at your doorstep. I’ve mentioned Zach several times, as he is a kindred spirit, and he thinks some of the oddball things I do are interesting. […]

Tobacco Hornworm

Attack of the Killer Tomato (worms)

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On my rounds tonight, I found the tops of one of my cherry tomato plants was devoid of all leaves. My first thought was that the chickens or ducks cleaned were responsible, then I realized the damage was only at the top, 4 feet off the ground, […]


They come out after dark

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Every evening, I go out to my chicken coop to shut the chickens and ducks in (and the predators out). I also check the rest of my animals, their water supply, and look over my
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