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What Is It? Esoteric Edibles 1

Learning about what grows here in south Florida has exposed me to some rather oddball edibles. I want to start to expand on what I’ve learned about alternative items that add variety to the table. Food should be fun. Until the day where we all line up to eat our daily allotment of Soylent Green, I want to keep expanding my palate. Now if I could just get my kids to try some of these things….

(And yes, that is two articles in a row where I mentioned Soylent Green! Click here for the previous one.)

Now, off we go on about merry adventure into learning about non-mainstream edibles you can grow yourself….

Below is a picture of something from my back yard garden. Continue reading

Another Reason to Produce Your Own Food

I was talking with BlueTang today, and he mentioned the fact that there is an ongoing swine epidemic….not swine flue affecting humans, but a virus that affects swine, killing large numbers of them.

A quick Google search reveals this: Continue reading

Manatee Steaks – Finally!

Over the weekend, my family and I made a road trip 4 hours west to Tampa in order to visit some friends from my high school days back in West Virginia. It seems I am far from the only West Virginia hillbilly living in Florida…(and definitely far from the only hillbilly, or at least down-home country folk…)

…..not that either of my old classmates are what I would call a “hillbilly”. But we did have fun reminiscing, swapping lies, making future plans to get together again, and, oddly enough, playing Continue reading

Fear as a Training Tool

I am a compulsive trickster. Much to my wife’s annoyance, she is on the receiving end on a regular basis. From hiding her personal belongings to jumping out to scare her at the perfect moment, I always tend to keep my immediate family on their toes. After 16 years of marriage, plus several years of dating, you would think she should be used to it by now. And for the most part she is….

This makes my efforts that much more gratifying when they succeed….

But sometimes, they backfire on me….or at least yield results that were unexpected.

Most of the time, my tricks have no useful purpose other than minor annoyance to those of play them on.  However, last night, since our children were out of the house, I thought it would be the perfect time to put a useful scare into Continue reading

Everglades Tomatoes Seeds Update – March 2014

UPDATE April 2014: Due to the high demand and ungratefulness of some, I will no longer be offering free seeds. I spent hours of my own time and took food out of my family’s mouth (literally), only to have people bitch and complain about the speed of my free service. No more. I will be offering them for sale in the future, once I catch up with the outstanding requests. Until then, my family will be enjoying the fruits of my labors, not the ungrateful masses that feel entitled. To the folks that truly showed their thanks, I appreciate you, but the few bad apples have spoiled it for the rest.


I have been offering free Everglades tomato seeds for quite a while now. You can read about it here and here.

Back in February, I was interviewed for the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel. The reporter, Doreen Christensen, originally contacted me looking for Everglades tomato seeds, something I’ve offered for a while if you send me a SASE. After she received the seeds, we spoke briefly via email. It was then that she asked to interview me for an article she was writing about the Everglades tomatoes.

During the interview, she asked if it would be okay to include Continue reading

Five Reasons I Grow My Own Food

I’d like to go over my five reasons I try to grow my own food, or at least as much food as I am able to squeeze into my already hectic life.

It all started when one of my daughters was 5 years old, we noticed she was developing girly parts significantly faster than we thought she should be. No 5-year old should need a bra! Our pediatrician tested her and found Continue reading

Book Review: The Line by JD Horn

I’ve written several reviews for Lisa over at TLC Book Tours over the past year, and have been exposed to some mighty fine reading by doing so. However, when they approached me to review “The Line” by JD Horn, I passed, stating it was not my normal reading material, but mentioned that it sounded like what my wife reads.

Lisa immediately jumped on that, knowing that my wife occasionally write for FloridaHillbilly.com. When I ran it by my wife, all I had to mention was “supernatural creatures, young girl, and romance”…and my wife was hooked.

So without me rambling anymore, here is Continue reading

Review (and the Official Launch of ) Conflicted Deck 2

Earlier this week, I received my affiliate deck of Conflicted Deck II for review. I’m going to be completely candid here – I’ve not yet gone all the way through Deck I yet. (Read more about my thoughts on Conflicted Deck I here.)

I can’t. Seriously, every time I read a card or two, and discuss it with my wife, I end up running out and spending $100 on Continue reading

Frozen Moments in Time – Campfire Breakfast While Primitive Camping on an Island

From time to time, you will have a moment in time that is frozen forever in your mind as a good memory. Odds are as the years pass, that frozen moment becomes better….you forget the bad parts, leaving only the good parts of that memory.

A great example of this is Continue reading

Smilax – A Backyard Wild Edible

I was talking to my neighbor across the fence Sunday morning, and noticed the young green shoot of a what I grew up calling a green briar growing along the fence. I realized that this was the time of year when smilax, another name for green briar, would send out young tendrils to extend its growth.

This also makes a great time to gather those tender tips to eat.

Green briars were a common occurrence when I was a kid in West Virginia. It was plentiful, and painful. Consisting of a long, vine-like plant with nasty thorns, it always seemed to grow between where I was and where I wanted to be.

Fast forward 20 years. It wasn’t until a walk with Continue reading

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