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Today I’ll be talking instead of writing. I was recently interviewed by the great folks over at, Aaron and Jason.
Here is their post regarding my interview:

Episode 101: The Season II Finale
by AARON FRANKEL on MAY 12, 2013

 Episode 101: The Season II Finale [ 1:23:41 | 38.81 MB 
 Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download(Right-click, […]

Our First Month of Homeschooling

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(This is another guest post by my wife, eb. Let her know if you liked it, so she’ll keep writing for FloridaHillbilly!)
In mid-December, we, as a family, decided to homeschool our 9 year old daughter.  DB wrote about the thought process and how this came about in an […]

Homeschooling, Day One or ‘How We Got Here’

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My first exposure to homeschooling was my senior year in high school. A new girl joined us at the beginning of the year, and when I got to know her, I found she was a local, and had been in the area her entire life.  […]