Some of our vacuum sealed goodies

Vacuum sealing shortcut

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In one of the forums at, I saw an entry stating you can use FoodSaver’s FreshSaver pump on a FoodSaver wide mouth or regular mouth jar sealer, with no need for the hose, and more importantly for me, no need to dig out our full-sized FoodSaver vacuum sealer.
“So what”, […]

INTRUDER ALERT! or “About last night….”

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Had a bit of a scare last night. As the wife and I were laying in bed, her asleep, I  was reading, I heard a slight noise at the door the opens to the back yard off of our bedroom. As I listened, it grew into a thumping sound, […]

Review: Coleman 4D CPX 6 Classic LED Lantern and CPX Rechargeable Power Cartridge

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This one is for Brian over at Thanks for the request! (My video review at the bottom)
Yesterday I mentioned dealing with the power outage, and showed a picture of my family eating with a lantern on the table.
(function() {var s […]

If you don’t like the situation, change your point of view

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I ran into this monstrosity in my back yard a while back.
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Salt – An Over-looked long term storable and Brining 101

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I gave a whole rabbit to SB a week or so ago, and he let me know a few days later that he ended up smoking it whole – something I’ve not yet tried, but wanted to do.
One of the things that I […]

Thrifty Food Buy and Uses for 22 August 2012

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This is my only “regular” weekly post, and it revolves around stores in my area, and food that we eat. We practice “Eat what you store, store what you eat”. Since I try to eat “Paleo”, this means very little food that includes any […]

How to Open a Brown Coconut

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I’ve covered opening green coconuts, and briefly touched on opening browns ones in the comments on the same post, but recently my friend James over at Survival Punk made coconut bars and had an adventure getting the coconut open and the meat out.
Apparently, this + this = the need […]

Copy of DSCF5663

Product Review: Danco Aluminum Fishing Pliers

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While I was out fishing with SB, he saw I was carrying one of my Leatherman multitools, all great products in my opinion. Seeing I was fumbling, he whipped his pliers out and said, if I was going to try to fit in and spend any time […]

My take on “Rabbit starvation”

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Stumbling around, I came across a very nice website called The Wannabe Homesteader, and found some great info about starting tomatoes. The next day’s post was about rabbits, specifically, Why Rabbit Meat is Not The Best Survival Food. The author raised the question,
“..should a person include rabbit meat as […]


Up next: Stingray for Dinner!

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In regards to my failed attempt at flounder gigging, and a reference to my canned mullet, I recieved this on my FloridaHillbilly Facebook page today:
SB-“If all else fails, maybe you could try canning stingray.”
And I got to thinking….why not? Well, maybe not canning it, but stingray as a […]