Natural Headache Treatment

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As I sat down to write out this post, I had a splitting headache. I walked in to the kitchen to find something for the pain, and recalled an old friend of mine that I keep in the fridge for just such an occasion. It’s never failed me before,and always […]

FloridaHillbilly – The Daily Process

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I originally started writing this as a means of getting things off my chest. As I started to develop a few readers, I realized some of my BS was actually entertaining, possibly even educational.
This has evolved into a
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From the Archives: Candied Jalapenos

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My internet is down, I’m writing this via my cell phone. So due to unforeseen technical issues, I’ll not be posting a new article today. Sorry about that.
Hopefully I will be able to be post tomorrow, if my service gets fixed.
For now, try going back to an this […]

Review of Cascadian Farm’s New Berry Granola

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Yes, I fell off of the Paleo wagon. It’s been a year in November that I’ve note eaten any grains, legumes, or refined sugars, within reason. Each of those items are in so many food products that finding “Paleo-approved” items is difficult.
Larabars were one of them […]

It’s Christmas in Florida

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Today, I won’t be sleigh riding.
I won’t be walking the hills looking for a late season squirrel to bring home for tomorrow’s dinner.
I won’t be breathing in the cold, crisp mountain air purified by millions of acres of trees.
I won’t listen to the crack of frozen tree limbs, or […]

Raising Rabbits – Saving “Dead” or “Frozen” Kits

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I had two litters of rabbits born late last week. One mother, Nona, was a new doe to my breeding program, and this was her first litter. It’s not unusual for first time does to have difficulties, get everything wrong, and possibly loose entire litters.
This […]

Today the World Ends

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This will be short. Kiss your significant other. Hug your kids. Make peace with your maker. Today the world ends, according to the Mayan calendar.
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DIY Bird Plucker

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My Muscovy ducks have grown out to the appropriate size, so it’s time to start harvesting.  If you’ve seen my post,  Muscovy Ducks – Yard to Table, you saw just how long it took me to pluck one…over 45 minutes! Mind you, it was the first bird I’d plucked […]

FloridaHillbilly Goes to the Pet Store

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My thirteen year old had a birthday recently, and was given a “Fancy Russian Dwarf” hamster. And it was NASTY! It would actually lunge at anyone trying to pick it up. It eventually had my daughters so freaked out, that we
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Product Review: Hi Mountain Buckboard Bacon Cure

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Note: This product was purchased by me personally. No payment (or even contact) was made by the company, other than to state my order was received and the tracking info on the shipment. This is an unbiased, unpaid opinion.  MY opinion.
A while back, I purchased some […]