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As I sat down to write out this post, I had a splitting headache. I walked in to the kitchen to find something for the pain, and recalled an old friend of mine that I keep in the fridge for just such an occasion. It’s never failed me before,and always takes the pain away.

As I pulled out the bottle, I realized I had the subject for today’s post.

Sinus Buster

No, this time it’s not an alcohol related subject. This one is based on another old friend, hot peppers. Well, the substance that makes them hot, capsaicin, all nicely packaged in a nasal spray called “Sinus Buster“.

Yes, I shoot the stuff that makes hot peppers “hot” straight up my nose. Sounds like a scene from Jackass, doesn’t it? Or at least a horrible frat hazing prank. Actually, it’s a technique that is rooted in science and was stumbled upon accidentally.

The inventor, Wayne Perry, a self defense instructor, would end his live TV classes by volunteering to be pepper sprayed. During one of his many exhibitions, he developed a cluster headache, something he had been dealing with for over ten years. These headaches would debilitate him. However, the show must go on, so he muscled through, and received the full blast of police pepper spray in his face. He says that as he was “spitting, and coughing, and choking and burning, and I realized, I never felt better! My headaches gone, completely!

Watch the back story and the following success here:

I first read about Sinus Buster in an *ahem* “gentleman’s publication” (oddly enough that had something to do with bunnies – Yes, I was reading the articles.) The review was ominous, but promising. At the time, I worked in a corporate job that was stressful, resulting in my getting tension headaches that would curl me up into a ball for hours, with 5-6 hours of sleep being the only thing that would help. Over-the-counter meds wouldn’t touch it. And since I consider myself a bit of a chili head, I thought I’d try it, if only for the comic relief.

Some things just work out. The day the Sinus Buster arrived, I came home with a stress headache. My wife and younger brother were on the scene and were waiting for the hilarity of me snorting pepper spray. In major pain, I had nothing to lose.

I snorted a blast in each nostril as fast as I could.

Lights burst before my eyes.


My head was on FIRE! What did I just do to myself? The agony of the burn seared through my sinuses, taking my breath away. Seconds ticked by as I writhed in more agony than I could believe. Snot ran from my nose and tears squirted out of my eyes flooding the floor….

Something like this:

My first use of Sinus Buster wasn’t THIS bad!





…OK, I embellished a bit. Actually, the pain wasn’t as bad as you might imagine, or I make it out to have been.

The inventor had found that a very small dose of capsaicin was wall that was required to be effective. Yes, it burned. And I WAS caught off guard as to how intense it was at first. But it was over in seconds and the pepper heat faded. And as the burn subsided, I noticed something amazing. No, not that my wife and brother were doubled over with tears in their eyes, laughing at me, that was to be expected.

My headache was gone. Zero. Nada. Zilch. No pain.

I was sold.  From that point on, I used Sinus Buster whenever work gave me a stress or sinus headache. I had relief from the symptoms at last.

Eventually, I addressed the cause, corporate America, and quit. Within a month, my stress headaches became less and less frequent, eventually only visiting me once or twice a year. They’ve become so uncommon, I’ve all but forgotten about the Sinus Buster sitting in the fridge. Glad I remembered it for two reasons….no more headache, and something to tell you about.

Some added bonuses:

  • 100%  Natural Chemical Free
  • Non-drowsy
  • No Known Drug Interactions
  • Non-habit Forming
  • Fast Relief of Nasal Congestion and Sinus Pressure and Headache

Sinus Buster can be found in many mainstream stores now, as well as online. If you suffer from headache or sinus issues, I suggest giving it a try. My suggestion is to get two full blasts up each nostril. I promise that you’ll swear at me profusely the first time. But as the heat clears seconds later, you’ll see results. That I won’t promise, but I would be surprised if you didn’t get almost instant relief.

I’ll leave the research to you as to the science of it. I’m no doctor, but I know what works for me. Being an all-natural homeopathic remedy that is registered with the FDA, it should at least get a mention in safer options for dealing with sinus issues, right?

Give it a shot, I say. Might not be a bad idea to have some handy for New Years Day, eh?




Note: This product was purchased by me personally. No payment (or even contact) was made by the company. This is an unbiased, unpaid opinion.  MY opinion.And again, I’m only relaying My results, and yours may vary.




  1. Amazing what some jobs can do to you. My BP dropped 60-70 mm systolic and 20 mm diastolic after I had to quit working after surgery 3 yrs ago. Leaving corporate America had it’s perks and homeopathic is the best way to go instead of almost anything that comes out of pharmaceutical companies. My opinion.

  2. Awesome post man, I suffer from a sinus/migraine like you describe about 1-2 a month.
    Definitely can’t wait to try this.

    Just ordered a bottle through your aff link…;-)

    Although since I went paleo, I havent had one…:-)…knock on wood!!

    1. Thanks, I’m sure you’ll get good results, but now that you mention it, I’ve had fewer headaches since going Paleo as well…


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