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Quick Dehydrator Biltong

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Biltong is a cousin of jerky, but incorporates vinegar into the process, and omits nitrates and nitrites, common preservatives found in jerky, at least today’s version. Another difference is that biltong is typically not smoked, something I thought I would miss. I don’t, though I would like to try a […]

Crockpot Pulled Pork

Crock pot pulled pork and Paleo Tortillas

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I LOVE barbecue pork – ribs, pulled, sliced, it really doesn’t matter. But being the only REAL meat eater in the house, I’ve long since given up on spending time with a smoker or charcoal grill. I get my fixed whenever I can, wherever I am […]

Because I can, and it’s the right thing to do.

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I was recently speaking with a family member that now lives alone, and we were talking about how hard the economy was, and how hard it was becoming to make ends meet. They went on to tell me how they barely had enough […]

Thrifty Food Buys for 26 July 2012

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This weekly post will revolve around stores in my area, and food that we eat. Saving money by buying in bulk is no good if you are storing food you will never eat. “Eat what you store, store what you eat” will be my guidelines. To […]

spiny lobster

Florida Lobster Mini-Season 2012

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Today is mini-season, possibly one of the busiest days on the water all year. I’ve personally caught a few lobsters myself, but I wouldn’t even class my self as a novice. I plan on fixing that this year, as part of my “embrace where you are, she ain’t going […]

Copycat Larabar recipes

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I was doing a job for a friend of the family, and found they were also Paleo eaters. The wife mentioned Lärabars, and I was unfamiliar with them, but inquired about where I could get some to try.
Trying one, I was like a kid in a candy store. Just sweet enough […]

High Tech Maps

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When I was about 14 years old, I was hunting on our 93-acre farm by myself. My father had told me that in orrder to best hunt a particular hill, I should follow the ridge line up, then when I got to the top, veer off to the right, and […]

Some days it’s “Fishing, some days it’s “Catching”

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They call it “fishing” , and not “catching” for a reason….probably to do with my meager skill set, something I’m sure I share with the majority of folks that go fishing.
Tides, sun, moon, stars, solunar tables, proper color, match the hatch, proper presentation, water temperature, the list goes […]

New Weekly Feature, Thrifty Food Buys for 18 July 2012

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(yeah, the name sucks, got a better one, send me an email)
I just realized I had yet another Wednesday night conflict – my next post, or go through the flyers posted tonight to see what I’ll be trying to stockpile for a rainy […]


Revisiting an Old Friend – Home built Wooden Pirogue (Cheap Canoe)

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I was stumbling around Green Deane’s forum, and ran across a post regarding pirogues, or flat bottom canoes made famous in Cajun country. It brought back memories of one I built during some down time right after a hurricane hit us, and we were sitting around […]