Confessions of a Bag Lady

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I wanted to give db a break from writing, although he loves doing it, to add to his site.  You may have heard (or read) mention of me as, “the wife”, from time to time in his posts.  If you are reading this now, that means he has […]


“Just an Air Rifle”….That Changed History

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BlueTang sent me a link to a video (see it below) regarding the Lewis & Clark expedition that talks about one particular piece of gear they carried, a repeating air rifle.
A toy you say? Not worth mentioning, you say? How about a .46 caliber, 22 shot repeating […]

Coon Hunting: Stories from my Youth

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I spent a little time with my neighbors, removing a couple stumps today. As I stepped in to take a turn at chopping out the stumps, I did what comes natural to me, I started talking.
Some of you may not know this, but I come from a […]

Lime n Thyme Oven Roasted Muscovy

Muscovy Ducks – Yard to Table

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For the faint of heart, and/or the vegans. Be warned that this post includes descriptions and video of animals being dispatched for food. If you don’t like the thought of facing your food, don’t bother to read any further. I’m not writing this to make friends, or […]

Vinegar Experiment : Results!

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Remember when I took a gallon of not-so-good homemade wine and tried turning it into vinegar? I didn’t for quite a while…in fact, I expected that from myself:
“I like projects that thrive on neglect. I tend to forget about them for months at a time, a good thing when […]

Christmas Wants vs Needs

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Turkey carcasses are cold, and those thrifty (and insane) ones are out shopping their little fingers to the bone, fighting over Elmo, Cabbage Patch Kids, Wii, or whatever is the “gotta have it” thing this year. Folks stayed up overnight outside of stores, or possibly even in stores that […]

Thanksgiving 2012

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First, why re you reading this tripe? You should be spending time watching parades, visiting with friends and/or family, and eating defenseless animals that barely resemble their wild cousins allegedly eaten at the first Thanksgiving. And if you are not in the United States, shouldn’t you be working or something?
But you’ve […]

Product Review: Hi Mountain Hickory Blend Jerky Kit and Making Dehydrator Jerky

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Note: This product was purchased by me personally. No payment (or even contact) was made by the company, other than to state my order was received and the tracking info on the shipment. This is an unbiased, unpaid opinion.  MY opinion.
I […]

Where my heart is

A Change of Plans

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Every year for the last five or six years, we’ve spent the week of Thanksgiving, from Monday before to the following Sunday,  in West Virginia with some good friends and family. We play cards, laugh, reminisce, and tell lies like all friends do with each other. On Friday, we’d […]

Rabbit Cages

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This is about the lessons I’ve learned from raising rabbits. Most of these are self-taught, and mostly due to doing things the wrong way the first time. And sometimes second.
This is also timely for a couple of reasons. I’ve given out some rabbit samples to some co-conspirators that wanted to try […]