Peace, Love, and Preparedness

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I was exchanging emails with what has turned out to be my latest advertiser, While finishing a reply, I signed off in my typical fashion, “Peace, db”, and laughed to myself about how much of a hippie I sound like. Not that it is a bad thing, but I am a far cry from patchouli, free love, Jerry Garcia, and hairy-legged, bra-less women…and ot that I have anything against that stuff…

…well maybe the patchouli…and the hairy legs….

I am a True Grit loving Veteran that is probably labelled as a possible domestic terrorist not only for just being a Veteran, but also due to my beliefs. Beliefs that appear to be very similar to other “terrorists” in history…like those that founded this great country.

I prefer less government interference and more personal responsibility.

I believe in education and learning, but think our schools systems are a joke, having lost sight of the fact that they are there for LEARNING, not profits. I love learning….but these days, most schools really aren’t a great place to do that anymore. (For the record, I don’t blame the teachers, I blame the system that shackles them.)

I believe in guns. Lots of them, and free for everyone to have, hold, cherish and use however the individual sees fit- as long as the use does not impinge on anyone else’s life.

Do I believe in “Peace”?

Sure. Mostly though strength of arms. Nothing stops a bully from playing his fear games like the bully getting a little scared of repercussions. “Walk softly and carry a big stick” is a pretty close approximation to what I try to do every day. I hope for the best…but plan for the worst.

And not in that order.

So when I say, “Peace”, I say it out of hope and love for my fellow man, my environment, my country, and my planet. I do not say it lightly. I really do mean it.

And when I sign off in my, E.E. Cummings style, with “db”, I do it for several reasons.  The symbolism of the “d” and the “b” facing away from each other represents me with my back to you, facing outward towards anything. Trusting and ready, we stand together. Without each other we are vulnerable.

Sounds hokey, but its true. Without someone covering your back, bad times REALLY suck.

Another reason, is I wanted a “trademark”, something to represent.

And to be honest, the first time I signed off with my initials in lower case, it was 3 am, I was dead tired, and didn’t realize what I had done until it had already been published. As a running joke, mostly with myself, I perpetuated it.

For those that have met me face to face, you may have sen me wearing a tie-died shirt. Yeah, I like tie-die. To me, it represents individuality, artistic expression, and dammit, they are just cool to look at! Many days, I like to wear a tie-die tee shirt with a pair of camo shorts. Hippy? Or some sort of Over-The-Hill Vet trying to figure out who he is?

Mostly I just like to keep folks guessing….And on the REAL good days, I wear a tie0die shirt….in camo colors and pattern.

But Either way, I’m not a hippy. I’m just some guy that is trying to make it in this world and be ready for whatever it throws my way.

Personal preparedness is a strong driving force for me. I WANT to be ready for whatever situation may arise. Many times, only hope, knowledge and experience are all that is needed to get through a situation….

….and sometimes the only thing that is going to save the day it is pure old hardware, be it an axe, a knife, or a 5 penny nail trimmed off short, with a rubber band stretched tight ready to propel the short nail down a pipe of pipe. short piece of pipe to bust a primer….in a pinch, you know.

I love learning. And I also love hardware. Tom and his crew over at offer both. They not only sell a massive amount of camping, hunting, fishing, survival and recreational gear, the also provide information about what they sell in both written and in video formats. They run a fairly large YouTube channel chock full of product demos and customer Q&A sessions.

Here is Tom with his YouTube intro:

And better still, the last line of their intro from their website runs hand-in-hand with my beliefs: It’s not about the END OF THE WORLD – It’s not about surviving a hypothetical PLANE CRASH – It’s about the SATISFACTION YOU GET knowing you can take care of yourself and/or your family in ANY SITUATION, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!


So it is with great pleasure that I welcome CampingSurvival,com into my list of supporters. Please check them out, but be warned, you will be on their site for a while. For those of you that remember the old Sears catalog that used to be mailed out, this is a Prepper’s version, with gear, gadgets, and guts enough to keep you reading, learning, (and hopefully purchasing) for hours.

They are currently having a campaign for stocking up for emergencies, shouldFish_300x250_A

your fish get some sort of bacterial infection. They are offering a line of CS_FishMoxpet meds made to standards used for human medications. I’m sure you can find a handy reason to have some of these human-grade pet meds on hand…just in case.

(To read more on fish meds in a survival setting, go here.)

So an extensive line of great products, extensive hands on research into each, and an excellent, knowledgeable staff to help with any questions or issues all add up to a win-win for those of us looking to provide a level of readiness for ourselves and our families.

And while they don’t offer razors (but do offer shave kits and razor covers for backpacking), they also don’t carry patchouli.


I’m good with that.  :)



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  1. Nice post and thanks for the info about your latest advertiser. I never heard of them I clicked on the site link and ….an hour later…was still scrolling through the categories and subcategories of their supplies. It is a way cool site with a wide variety of offerings and competitive pricing. I plan to visit some of their youtube videos to see what they have to offer. I am always looking for more resources, so this is great. BTW, I know what you mean about having a surface appearance of being a hippie-like tree huger, but conservative and fiercely independent underneath. A big surprise to others if tested.

  2. Something I remember from my college radical days (I was a right wing college radical) was that the Soviet version of peace was the absence of resistance to their tyranny. Many on the left still present that image (or may in fact support that theory).
    Peace to me is freedom. Is life so dear, and peace so sweet to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Hippy answer- yes. Peace at any price.
    Me, I’ll take my peace by making my peace, if need be. Surrendering to a mugger or rapist would create peace, but at what price?

    Peace (through superior firepower)!


  3. Congratulations on the new sponsor.

    I’ve also been accused of being a hippy. Though I have some friends in that camp, and don’t mind if the ladies forgo shaving… I do love my guns. And small government. And private property. And not wandering around the country on stupid quests to find a new tribalist spirit or whatever.

    Full disclosure: I have done tie-dying. The shame.

    And FYI: Just added you to my links list at Florida Survival Gardening.

    1. Thanks for stopping by :)

      And I know I’m not the only one with my beliefs, I’m just a minority in this world because of them.

      And thanks for the link-love! You have a great site!!!


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