Jalapeno Spam

Ironically, this article about Spam will be short.

We make, buy, stock and eat quite a bit of canned meats. From canned mullet and to Yoders bacon to canned rabbit, I’ve probably tried making it, or at least tasting it. And of course, I’ve eaten my share of Spam. Not as much as the average Hawaiian, but quite a bit.

So when I ran across Jalapeno flavored Spam, I had to try it.Jalapeno Spam


oh my!



This stuff was fantastic! If you are a meat eater (and can handle a bit of sodium), I’d suggest giving a can of this a try. I’ve decided that I may end up having this as Christmas dinner every year now, it is THAT good!


Fried SpamGo find it in your local store, or you can buy Jalapeno Spam here on Amazon. Either way, give it a try.

I sliced mine, then fried it, getting it a delicious golden brown. I then served it with some over-medium eggs (fully cooked whites with a liquid yolk – I cannot stand runny whites!), and feasted like a King!


I now look for it on sale to add to our larder. At $2.00 for a 12 ounce can (sale price) it works out to $2.66 a pound for a long term storage item that offers a nice flavor to dishes, not too spicy but that wonderful jalapeno flavor mixed with the salty pork. 

This has opened my eyes to a whole world of new flavors of Spam. Looks like I’ll be going on a salty canned pork taste adventure in the near future…. Like a Viking!



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  1. As much as I love Chiles of all types, including jalapenos. I cannot bring myself to eat Meat from a can. I just can’t!! lol But I do eat some pretty weird things, so no judgement from me. Enjoy the SPAM!

    1. No tuna? Chicken? Chili? Chicken soup (thats got meat in it and comes from a can!) Sardines? Ham? Vienna sausages? None of those?

      I eat (and like) them all!

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