Post-Op Ramblings…

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I’m feeling much better today, able to move around with a lot less pain. Now to get back into a more “regular” sleep pattern. I’ve been sleeping most days and up most nights for the last few days, throwing off everyone’s daily routine. My posts have been irregular at best, and […]

It takes all kinds

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America was once referred to as “The Great American Melting Pot”, something I was reminded every Saturday as a kid.

The military represents this very well, with young adults from all across this country coming together to sacrifice for the common good. And in my many travels, I’ve never seen another place that […]

Life Happens – Are YOU ready for it?

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I lead a fairly active life, more than most, but probably not as active as I should be. My work consists of heavy lifting, bending, twisting, and can you believe it, swimming. My physical health is an important part of my work, so if I […]

cast net sheepshead

I Tried Using Cast Nets for Food, Not Bait

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I went to the beach this morning to try my hand at cast-netting some dinner. (Green Deane made it sound easier than I found it to be.)

A cast net is a round net with a collar in the center of it, a heavy line stitched […]

INTRUDER ALERT! or “About last night….”

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Had a bit of a scare last night. As the wife and I were laying in bed, her asleep, I  was reading, I heard a slight noise at the door the opens to the back yard off of our bedroom. As I listened, it grew into a thumping sound, […]

“Visiting Unknown Places” – Discount Tackle in Ft. Pierce

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Florida is FULL of unknown places, or at least places that most folks will drive by for years, and not realize what a gem they’ve been missing out on. Fishing spots, restaurants, mom and pop stores, shady rest spots, and other great places to add […]

Because I can, and it’s the right thing to do.

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I was recently speaking with a family member that now lives alone, and we were talking about how hard the economy was, and how hard it was becoming to make ends meet. They went on to tell me how they barely had enough […]

Some days it’s “Fishing, some days it’s “Catching”

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They call it “fishing” , and not “catching” for a reason….probably to do with my meager skill set, something I’m sure I share with the majority of folks that go fishing.
Tides, sun, moon, stars, solunar tables, proper color, match the hatch, proper presentation, water temperature, the list goes […]

4th of July

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Short post to wish you and your a safe celebration of our country’s 236th birthday.
We are living in troubled times. Our government is spending faster than it can tax us to cover the payments. Food supplies are being contaminated and adulterated in various ways, making it harder to eat a […]