FloridaHillbilly 25 Years Later – Where is He now?

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Ok. I know it has only been a bit over a year…but SO much can happen in the amount of time….it FEELS like its been 25 years. I was told by a good friend that if I didn’t slow down, I would burn out. I […]

Night Fishing Report

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Today’s article was brought to you by the fine folks over at Reef-Hunter.com. Go check out their great line of custom apparel, and tell them FloridaHillbilly sent you! (click to open a new page)
With plans to go kayak fishing this morning (yes I’m writing at 9am instead of being out […]

My Bookshelf – The Foxfire Series

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As I’ve mentioned before, there are a lot of self-sufficiency, survival, or homesteading books that I own. I will usually list each book one at a time, and will consist of books I own and consider a resource to rely on. Some are on my Kindle, others […]

A birthday moment

How I spent my birthday

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Last week marked my 43rd year on this rock. I celebrated by taking the day off from work, loading up my kayak, and drowning 4 dozen shrimp, one by one in an effort to catch some fish. I was hoping for some sheepshead,  a dear favorite of mine, […]