My Bookshelf – Storey’s Guide to Raising Rabbits

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As I’ve mentioned before, there are a lot of self-sufficiency, survival, or […]

Litter Size Vs. Growth Rate in Rabbits

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I raise my rabbits ultimately for meat production. Some of the byproducts are manure, hides, some occasional cash, and therapy from handling them. But the main reason I raise them is for meat.
So whenever I would have a small litter born, say 4 or 5 kits […]

Rabbits for Dog Food

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I raise rabbits mostly for my own consumption, though from time to time, I will sell a few to offset the costs of feeding them. For the most part, I waste very little, and probably do close to breaking even on most months, give or take $20. I am […]

Preparing your Rabbits for Lean Times

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I was fortunate to run into Aaron of the InTheRabbitHole Podcast Monday night in a group meeting, and of course the subject of rabbits was talked about for quite a long time. One of the subjects we discussed was what to do in the event that the […]

Raising Rabbits – Saving “Dead” or “Frozen” Kits

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I had two litters of rabbits born late last week. One mother, Nona, was a new doe to my breeding program, and this was her first litter. It’s not unusual for first time does to have difficulties, get everything wrong, and possibly loose entire litters.
This […]

Chuck the Buck


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Here is my rabbit raising timeline. I will update this as I breed, harvest, sell, trade, etc. I will try to post anything other than feeding or interacting with them. Water is on an automatic gravity system that provides for all rabbits, ducks, chickens, and quail. Daily rabbit […]


Costs of raising rabbits

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I have given a few select friends some of the rabbit I harvest for myself. (I say “select” only because some people just do not understand why you would eat rabbit.) I was asked today about
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Welcome 2 WV

What Makes You a Prepper?

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I recently went back to my roots in West Virginia, visiting there for the first time since I started I stayed with friends from high school, folks that have consistently proven themselves to be worthy of that short list of folks that you know you can call […]

Rule Of Threes

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In survival training, many instructors refer to the “Rule of Threes”.
Here they are, as taught to me by Hank, of Green Earth Survival School:
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Coturnix Quail for Homesteaders

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I’ve had a bit of interest over the last few weeks regarding quail as a backyard meat source. I thought I’d dust off the topic and put another article together covering the ins and outs of raising Coturnix quail, particularly in an urban setting. It is a rather long […]