Mora of Sweden’s model 11863 Companion MG (My first review!)

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I like knives. A LOT. A sure-fire Christmas gift for me has ALWAYS been a pocket knife. (Tell my wife, please!) Yes, I have dozens and dozens, but am always looking for
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Plans for 2012

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The Mayans predict the end of the word, depending on who’s version of the spin you read.
Even if it doesn’t, I’ve grown to believe that the only person or entity that really cares about my well-being is ME. So I try to keep as much control over my life as […]


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As I was typing out my plans for 2012, I realized you probably don’t know what I have currently, or what my homestead situation is. So here it goes.
I’m married, two daughters at home, another married and on her own out of state.My wife, Elizabeth, works as an analyst with two weeks […]


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I’ve started blogging a dozen times, each eventually fizzled out for lack of direction. I’m hoping this time will be different, as I am using this as a sort of progress report for my “endeavors”.
I put that into quotes because my wife, Elizabeth, wouldn’t refer to them as that. She would more […]