Fishing as a school sport?

Going to high school in West Virginia was a lot of fun for me. Friends, sports, socializing…..and to me, it was easy. I was lucky enough to be interested in most of the work, and that makes any job easier.

But this is one extracurricular activity I would have dropped all others for, even the girlfriends! From

“…the state of Kentucky has become the second state to make competitive bass fishing a sanctioned sport in its high schools. The Kentucky High School Athletic Association will now recognize high school bass fishing on the same level as basketball, football, baseball, softball and other high school sports and allow individual schools to compete for area, region and state championships.

Kentucky is the second state, after Illinois, to sanction bass fishing competition on the high school level. Illinois began offering bass fishing in its high schools in 2008 and this year has 240 high schools in the state participating.”


I want to go back to school now….I wonder why this hasn’t caught on here in Florida yet….and I wonder how long it will take until it does.

Read the full story here


But wait! There’s MORE!

This story made me wonder how long this has been around, and some searching found, a website dedicated to just what it says, college teams competing in bass fishing tournaments. Craziness! Bass clubs compete for cash & prizes, with no entry fees, travel allowances, and boats supplied, and from what I’ve read, can win scholarship money. So now, apparently you can fish your way through college. That sure beats going into debt, or even using the GI Bill. Sort of justifies cutting class to go fishing!




As far as fishing in school goes, it seems I’ve…ahem…missed the boat.



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