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For every road trip, I like to have certain items packed up in a small cooler, located close at hand. Water to drink, some fruit, nuts, pork rinds, and of course, jerky. To me, nothing says “ROADTRIP!” like a big old bag of jerky. Beef, pork, rabbit, alligator, venison…. just about any type of meat , I don’t care.

Sometimes it is store bought, sometimes I make it myself in my Excalibur dehydrator. I either make it from from ground meat, or when the wife isn’t involved, I use whole muscle meat for some of the “Real Deal” jerky. The wife prefers the ground meat version, made with a jerky gun, but I love tearing apart sheets of unground, sliced meat with my teeth, then chewing on it until my jaw aches.

Beef Jerky

Nothing makes me feel more like a caveman…

Since I’m now out (again!), it looks like I need to find something to make jerky out of….anyone seen any manatees around?

Manatees are huge! I’m gonna need a bigger dehydrator…..

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      1. I’ve never had the opportunity. I feed some turtles the bread from my lunch everyday and dream about catching one. One of the leather-back’s shell has got to be 20 inches long…

  1. I’m not sure how long a manatee would land you in the pen but I wouldn’t recommend that one my friend. :) Wonder what their meat taste like? Bet it’s fatty meat. Maybe like whale, although I’ve never had whale either.

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