Book Review: Aftermath, A Story of Survival

OK, first off, when I heard about the chance to review the first book released by the author, LeAnn Edmondson, I asked…almost begged, to have a reviewer’s copy of Aftermath, A Story of Survival in order to review it. I have stalked the author from time to time on her blog, (click the link to go check her out), like myself is a member of the Professional Prepared Bloggers Association, and I have enjoyed her style of writing and choice of topics. The fact that she lives in Alaska sure helps me like her even more… (For the record, Alaska is a close second to where I want to move to when I eventually leave Florida behind.) She is a kindred spirit, as Ann Shirley would say.

Aftermath, A Story of Survival Cover

After much begging (ok, one email), I was sent a digital copy (for free, please note*), and found that I had to convert it to fit my Kindle. It wasn’t well formatted, but I happily dealt with its idiosyncratic formatting issues. And its editing flaws. A new author, pressured to put the copy out. I understood. Completely. And I Never Did Mind About the Little Things!

(Damn. Had to go watch the clip…then the movie. I’m back now. The magic of time delay.)

Less than a week from the time I received my reviewer’s copy of Aftermath, A Story of Survival, I was contacted by the author who was rather frantic and apologetic. And who had fixed the little details that offended some, .

The only problem I had then was finding the location of my last read page in the new edition.

Soon remedied, and away I went. Reading the story every moment I had available (not much at the time – life gets that way if you let it.)

I’d read myself to sleep. I’d pick it back up when I’d wake up, and read while shoveling down my breakfast. And with the rest of my day taken up with mundane things like earning a living, it took me a while to get through it. Five minutes here, ten minutes there. By no means the best way to read a book.

On a good day, uncluttered by things like jobs, kids, or broken water lines, I’d have had it read through in a day, two tops, if I made time for showering and eating.

Why do I illustrate the length it took me to finish this book?

Because after each forced break in my reading, as soon as I picked it back up, I was taken back to the story. In the north woods, trying to scratch a living out of a harsh environment against unknown foes all due to my world being turned upside down. The story sucked me in.



Aftermath, A Story of Survival backThe storyline of Aftermath, A Story of Survival revolves around the Prepper Porn classic “systemic failure” – TEOTWAWKI. In short, technology breaks down due to sabotage on a global scale. Then society quickly fails as well. The story follows as a group grows in numbers to deal with what the situation. Pure entertainment. For me.

And if you have read more than a couple of my other articles, probably you as well. Clicking on the links to the book will allow you to read portions of it for free.


And that’s all  I’m going to say about Aftermath, A Story of Survival. The story is not only worth reading, I find it better than a lot of other prepper porn…and this story didn’t cost $10 a chapter book. (If you get the insult, I commend you, and hope you didn’t buy the entire “series” I am insulting – I didn’t. And won’t.) I wholeheartedly recommend this as good reading.

Now, having said that, I do have one issue that still bugs me. And to most of you, this will be nit-picky. In the copies I of Aftermath, A Story of Survival that read, there is a reference to several individual’s amateur radio (HAM) call signs that are actual people. Since this points to a real individual, this is similar to 8675309 and the controversy the song STILL causes. I hope future version resolve this. See, some of you agree with me, it IS nit-picky 😛 But to a HAM, valid. Just sayin’.

With that, I’m closing. Aftermath, A Story of Survival is a good read.

Robert Kiyosaki once said that he is a best-selling author not a best-writing one. I say that grammar, punctuation, spelling, all can be developed as an author practices. Becoming a storyteller that captures a reader is much harder to achieve. I hope to emulate LeAnn in her triumphs as a storyteller well on her way….I think I’m already an overachiever on emulating her grammatical failures. 😛



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  1. Read, “Aftermath, A Story of Survival” as it was being written! It started out as a Weekly Post on a Prepper Page, as is the Second Book! Her writing Style is to get Input, from the Readers, as the Book is being Written! She is doing a Great Job!

    1. I had heard hints and whispers about this, but didn’t have any links. A case of too many irons in the fire for me.

      What is the website, please??

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