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Urbanstead Update March 2013

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It’s been a while so I thought I’d update whats going on in my urban backyard “farm”. I like to write these out from time to time to show you what I’ve accomplished, as well as to track where I’ve been. My memory isn’t what it used to be, […]

Rabbit Jerky

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I love my rabbits. They offer me therapy, handling them and working with them each day is soothing to me. They offer me some of the best manure I can find for my gardens, allowing me to make my great soil in my raised beds even better. And of course, they […]

A Visit at Bogle’s Bunny Farm

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For the last few months, I have been getting grief from RidgeRunner about the rabbit hides I give him. Grief might be a strong term. Let’s just say he’s bored with white.
Yes, too cryptic, I know. You see, RidgeRunner gets all of the rabbit hides when I […]

Saving Lost Skills – Pioneer Family Days at Heathcote Botanical Gardens

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I received an email from my wife’s aunt, Nan, who happens to be Heathcote Botanical Gardens’s Educational Coordinator. Her email was in regards to yesterday’s post on harvesting meat rabbits. She mentioned that she would be willing to run the camera for […]

Harvesting a meat rabbit

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Since I’ve made it known that I eat them, the question of “How do you process them?” has come up many times. I recently timed myself and wrote out the entire process when the question of how long it takes me per animal came up on a live chat […]

I Will Survive

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I ran across a link from a friend on Facebook today. As soon as I read the title, I changed my mind as to what today’s article would be about. Thanks Katie!
“Bunnies implicated in the demise of Neanderthals“
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Farm Update Feb 2013

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I called this “Farm update” because “Backyard Update” just doesn’t have a nice ring to it. Plus it doesn’t look like a back yard…it looks like, well, a farm…a tiny, narrow, crowded farm. This has been a fairly busy week for me, and I just wanted to
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Rabbits for Dog Food

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I raise rabbits mostly for my own consumption, though from time to time, I will sell a few to offset the costs of feeding them. For the most part, I waste very little, and probably do close to breaking even on most months, give or take $20. I am […]

Grow your Own Sugarcane

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I’ve read articles about growing beets for sugar, but beets are a cold weather crop, something that, other than the last few days, we just don’t have much of here in Zone 10A. (I actually got the idea for this article when I was eating a can of beets […]

Questions and Answers Feb 2013

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Today, I ‘m doing a Q&A session with some of the many questions I get. Today, I’m covering whittling, food, and rabbit questions. Feel free to drop me a line at:
db at
and I’ll answer your questions, and possibly include it in a future article.
Here we go!
Spoon Carving […]