Pine Pitch Glue – Nature’s Epoxy

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Over the weekend, while at Green Earth Survival School’s Primitive Skills class, we covered making a very effective adhesive from pine sap.
The process, like most primitive skills, is wondrously simple. Collect sap from pine trees. Heat it. Add bulking agents. Use it. It is waterproof and strong.
Let’s break down […]

Green Earth Survival School’s Primitive Skill’s Class

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I spent the weekend assisting Hank with his Primitive skills class, and as always, I probably learned as much as some of the students. Hank also called in Amanda from the Oxbow Center in Port St. Lucie, who is a fountain of information, both regarding Florida’s […]

Camping – Fun, Training, and Therapy

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With the hot Florida weather behind us, we can now start thinking about getting outside to do more activities that benefit from not dealing with heat stress, like camping.
Living in the outdoors for days, sometimes weeks, on end make for quality time for relaxing times and good memories. They […]

Visiting Green Earth Survival School

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Back in March, I had another opportunity to help out with the 2 Day Basic Survival Course at Green Earth Survival School. The course covers Shelter, Water Purification, Lost-Proofing, Signalling, Map & Compass usage, a nature walk to identify currently available edible and useful plants, and my personal […]

Post-Op Ramblings…

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I’m feeling much better today, able to move around with a lot less pain. Now to get back into a more “regular” sleep pattern. I’ve been sleeping most days and up most nights for the last few days, throwing off everyone’s daily routine. My posts have been irregular at best, and […]

“Living the Dream” (at least a little bit of it)

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My good friend and mentor, RidgeRunner was asking about my health yesterday, and in our email conversation, he sent me some pictures of his Kentucky get-away that he finally has sorted out. RidgeRunner and I see eye to eye on many things, wanting […]

Review: Coleman 4D CPX 6 Classic LED Lantern and CPX Rechargeable Power Cartridge

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This one is for Brian over at Thanks for the request! (My video review at the bottom)
Yesterday I mentioned dealing with the power outage, and showed a picture of my family eating with a lantern on the table.
(function() {var s […]

If you don’t like the situation, change your point of view

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I ran into this monstrosity in my back yard a while back.
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Long Term Power Loss, and How We Practice For It

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I saw on TV today that another tropical depression was heading in my general direction, though currently not projected to hit near my home, but close enough to adversely affect local weather for a week or two.
Flipping through the channels, I ran across […]