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  1. From a fellow Florida Hillbilly:
    This is a brand new Patriot Protest Song, with emphasis on The Economic Collapse. I made a long version & a shorter version for “air play”. I made this You Tube Wednesday night July24, 2013:
    Mouse Trap by The Whistleblowers
    We are from Florida where the Stand Your Ground law is under attack. This is going viral in Tallahassee and soon the entire State & Country.
    This is original material all copyrighted and written by me. It is fresh off the grill. I’m giving you permission to use this song anyway you choose. My intent is to share & spread the truth. Below is the Cloud link that contains the audio of the short & long version:
    Please give this a listen. It will be worth your time.
    Thank you,
    Ron E Bowman
    850 939-1788
    Navarre, FL

  2. I just found your website this morning; Merry Christmas. I like your name of your website. I myself a miss placed country boy.I live in Jacksonville,Florida and I have raised chickens and planning to get more in the spring. If you have any information to help me do better let me know. Ive been in Florida going on 30 yrs. I like outdoors and to do with anything outdoors.

    1. Merry Christmas to you too!

      30 years? You should have a few things to show me!

      Read back through my previous posts, I’ve written about a LOT of different self-reliant and preparedness topics. There should be SOMETHING you find helpful in all that!


  3. Saw a story in today’s Ft.Lauderdale SunSentinel re: Everglades Tomatoes and your offer to send seed packet by sneding you an self addressed,stamped envelope.Problem is no mention in article of your address and it isn’t on this website that I can find.
    Could you email me the address when you get this?

    Thanks Steve

    1. Two things Steve…
      First, my email address is in the article, with the details spaced out to prevent email spam. It is there, I promise. It is also shown above.

      Second, you didn’t leave YOUR email address… 😛

  4. Any more comment placed here with “give me your address” will be deleted and permanently forgotten. HUNDREDS of folks have successfully contacted me, requested seeds, and received them…by reading the article.

    I bust my ass learning and writing this stuff, AND offer free seeds. If you want some of those seeds, the least you can do is read the damned article. Everything you need to find me is in there. If you can’t find it, I’m not helping you.

    I appreciate all of the interest, however, I’m not wasting any more of MY time on folks that will not put forth a little effort on their part.

    For those who have requested seeds since February 2014, expect up to a month delay, as I’ve received several hundred requests.

    If you do not wish to wait, they can be purchased here:

    They are the original source for my plants, and very nice folks…tell them Floridahillbilly sent you!

  5. Your website is really impressive, I’ll be back! For right now I would like to know what is the best way to start the Everglade tomatoes from seeds. Someone gave me some seeds and I am so excited about growing something I can eat. I don’t want to mess it up and murder those poor little seeds, what is the best way to get them growing.

    1. Put them in some dirt, the richer the better, and water them.

      Not trying to be flippant, but it really is that easy.

      They only need to be about 1/4 of an inch below the surface of the soil. Keep them moist, but not soaking wet. A good, loamy soil, full of organic material will hold plenty of water to get through the day, so again, better soil = better results.

      Hope that helps,

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