Don’t Go In The Water – Alligators

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I recently wrote about a day spent paddleboarding, and a regular coontributor, Olivia, mentioned alligators. I responded that  paddleboarding that we did was in saltwater, and we rarely see gators there. However, since we also have a large amount of freshwater nearby, we DO have gators.

Lots of them.

Here is a local park:

alligator no swimming

Did they REALLY have to say “No Swimming”? Not even on a double-dog dare!

And here is how unconcerned gators are at this park. Apparently folks have been feeding them. BAD idea. Feeding gators makes them equate people to food. And when you don’t bring food or have a little dog or child with you…Alligator No Fear

And this park had about 6 gators in view at the time. If you see 6, they are probably dozens…Scary.


Those aren’t too bad, nobody was in the water trying to have fun…

But I’ve gone kayaking a few times, and then there isn’t much between you and a gators appetite besides a few pounds of plastic. While kayaking at Halpatiokee park last year, I found out just how close the gators were to the kayakers.

Sunning alligator

Doesn’t seem too bad, right?





Look at this:

Alligator and kayakers

What we found was that by looking through the viewfinder, trying to get a better picture, you quickly forget just how close you are..and if you happen to be drifting towards the alligator, the pictures start getting better right? That tends to really make you lose focus…until it is too late.

Watch this dumbass get too close. Be warned, there is swearing in the audio.




Yes, that dumbass was me.



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