Frozen Moments in Time – Campfire Breakfast While Primitive Camping on an Island

Frozen Moments in Time – Campfire Breakfast While Primitive Camping on an Island

From time to time, you will have a moment in time that is frozen forever in your mind as a good memory. Odds are as the years pass, that frozen moment becomes better….you forget the bad parts, leaving only the good parts of that memory.

A great example of this is childbirth. Ask any woman, while in labor, if childbirth is a fantastic thing. Take my advice, and be out of arms reach…and possibly throwing distance as well.

But ask a mother 6 weeks later…and you will get a different story. “Time heals all wounds” really applies here.

Pictures are a great way of freezing that fantastic moment, to be forever cherished for the good feelings it provides in recalling that moment. I take hundreds, sometimes thousands of pictures each month, and from time to time, I run through them to indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events. Stumbling across a picture of a great memory almost always brings a smile.

Here is one I found recently.

Campfire Breakfast While Primitive Camping on an Island
Campfire Breakfast While Primitive Camping on an Island


The story:

It was taken on March 10, 2012 at around 9am, on a local island in our saltwater estuary, not too long after the sun came up.

Several families had camped out for a long weekend with us, and like the prepared family we are, we stepped right up to cook our breakfast on a campfire with the very same cast iron skillet that is used daily in our kitchen at home. Campfire cooking is a fairly routine thing for us, I am proud to say :)

We all spent time together, enjoying life, the wonderful weather, the water, and each others’ company. This was also the weekend I was introduced to the sport of spearfishing by my good friend and “Florida Living” mentor, SB.

I’m sure there were lots of bug bites from no-see-ums and mosquitoes, but I don’t remember for sure….all I recall are the good times.

Moments like this are the ones that I will cherish til I die.



Do you have pictures that you cherish for similar reasons? Let me know about them in the comments below.



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  1. my camping memories mostly involve grills, and there are cabins, and some trailers, but I have a tent – and MANY grand friends who camp for the love of the sky, and the land and the rivers and campground cold beer, a shot of cuervo or many, but the love of outdoors – it never fails to remind me how blessed I am . . .

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