Pressure Canning

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A few weeks ago, I  received an email from Jeff, The Berky Guy over at Directive21, in regards to an impending price increase in canned beef. It appears that due to a shortage from a variety of reasons, we are about to get squeezed again as consumers.
Over the last couple of […]

Home Canning – The Processing Options (Part 2)

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This is Part 2 in my Simple Steps to Getting Started Canning series. (Click here for yesterday’s post, Part 1)
Today, I’ll go over the types of safe processing, food types for each, and the reasons certain types of foods require different types of processing.
As I […]

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Intro to Home Canning

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To me, canning is a phrase that conjures up memories of damp, dusty cellars full of the harvest from last year (or older) that was preserved at home for future use. Before the days of “just in time inventory” and shipping food across the entire planet, canning allowed a […]

Making Corned Beef Hash Prepper Style

Canning Corned Beef (Plus, a Corned Beef Hash Recipe)

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(This is slightly modified from a post I made last week at’ s forums. While I do post on lots of other forums, I call their forum “Home”, and end up posting a lot there. They have a tight-knit community established, and while […]

Pressure Canned rabbit

Canning rabbit

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I’ve had a VERY productive year raising my New Zealand/AlTex cross meat rabbits. Not that I should be surprised, they ARE rabbits. And since I’ve packed my tiny freezer full of rib eye steaks, I’m kind of low on available storage for animal protein. A perfect chance to try out the […]


My next project: Canned mullet (Part 2, The Execution)

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(See part 1 here)
I had the day free, so I went surf fishing. Subconsciously, I’m positive it was just an excuse to go catch some mullet, since I never bring a castnet to the surf…yet today I had one. Good thing, I was […]


My next project: Canned mullet (Part 1, The Plan)

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(This one goes out to Mike & Shawn – one will laugh with me, the other will laugh at me)
In a previous post, I mentioned spearing a mullet, cooking it over a fire, and eating it. And enjoying it, much to the humor (and […]