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Today’s article is brought to you by JM Bullion, of course! If you are looking to get into precious metals, or add some more to your portfolio (what I call my coffee can buried in the back yard), give the folks over at JM Bullion a shout.

JM Bullion is a well known name in precious metals for the preparedness circles. I’m fairly sure there aren’t many of the larger sites regarding homesteading, survival, preparedness, or frugality that JM Bullion aren’t known as a trusted source for all precious metals (that are not copper-jacketed lead).

I was honored when they contacted me about adding their name to my list of contributors thatJM banner-250x2501

keep me writing. While they are not my first supporters, they are officially the largest, and also the first outside of my local area. My world just got smaller.

Finances are something I rarely touch on, other than the occasional couponing article. While I never speak of them, I do believe in the value of having precious metals put aside for hard times. Gold, silver, and platinum are all excellent ways to store wealth, not money, wealth.

Did you know that a 90% silver quarter back in 1960 had very close to the same buying power as the same amount of silver does today? In a poor economy, the silver has even more buying power.

A 90% silver 1960 quarter has 5.625 grams of silver. Today’s market price is $22.56/oz, making a 90% silver quarter worth $4.0799 in silver. In 1960, a gallon of gas cost… 25 cents. Locally, right now we are paying $3.50 or so. So today, the silver value in that 1960 quarter would actually buy 1.16 gallons of gas.

What would a 1960 dollar bill purchase today? $1.00 worth of gas. What will one of today’s zinc copper and nickle quarter buy in 50 years? Probably not even a piece of gum at the current rate. Precious metals store wealth.

My point is, precious metals store today’s buying power, I highly suggest getting some, you know, just in case. The folks at JM Bullion have a proven track record of great prices, excellent service, and fast deliveries. These are the reasons I decided to include them as an sponsor for my efforts. And they offer “junk silver“, my preferred method of storing silver.

(And for what it’s worth, I’ve turned away a couple other companies that were either in a non-related industry, or had a bad reputation in the homesteading and prepper market. I don’t just agree to take folks money simply because some company offers it.)

Do I have precious metals other than copper-jacketed lead? Let’s just say that one of the reasons I have been working on getting into muzzleloading was so I could cast my own bullets…for werewolves.

You will find an “About JM Bullion” page on my page bar up top. This is their dedicated “about JM Bullion” page, and offers a bit of background on them. They will also be added as a banner sponsor on the bar on the right of my page. So go give them a try.

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