A Preppper Game / Tool Review: Conflicted: The Survival Game

A Preppper Game / Tool Review: Conflicted: The Survival Game

I have mentioned before how Prepper Fiction gets me all amped up, and usually makes me have knee-jerk reactions to the story. It was that way when I read the three books by A. American involving a guy stranded 200 miles away from home after an EMP. It also happened after I watch every episode of The Walking Dead. It just happens…

So when I saw a “Survival Card Game” involving scenarios and how you would react to them, I knew I would have to ease into the game, or end up with a wall of rice much like this:


Not a bad thing…but space is becoming limited, and just how long do you think this much rice would last for a family of four?


I had to be careful to not go overboard, if the game was anything like I expected it to be.

Conflicted: The Game
Conflicted: The Game

The game is called  “Conflicted: The Survival Game”*. It consists of a deck of a deck of 52 scenario cards and 2 rule cards. Each card outlines a scenario. The “game” portion is based on a simple pretext: the world has gone into chaos and that some sort of apocalypse has taken place. Each card outlines a scenario based on that premise.

The rules (roughly) are:

  1. Cards are read to the player next to you, and that player has three minutes to give his response on how he will react to the scenario outlined.
  2. Points are assigned by the remaining players.
  3. Play is passed around to each players until everyone has read three cards.
  4. The person with the most points is the winner.

That, in a nutshell is the game.

But it is the cards themselves that bring this game from an fun past time into an in-your-face reality check. Look at this example, randomly pulled out of the deck (click picture to enlarge):

Conflicted example


Sobering, right?

And every card brings up some sort of moral dilemma that pits your heart against your brain.

What good does it do to open up a can of worms that tells you how far you will go to survive? If nothing else, it is a fantastic tool to show how compatible other folks are to your way of thinking. Use it as a tool to determine:

  • raise awareness in weak sections of your preparedness plan
  • if an individual or couple would work within your Prepping group.
  • if your buddies are on board with your way of thinking
  • if your spouse can be trusted to back you up in times of intense pressure
  • how your kids would react to your actions in a crisis when the HARD choices need to be made

Scary stuff, isn’t it?

Now, I’m not a believer that the world will end overnight. Mostly. I think that it is possible for things to go much worse than they are, but probably not quickly. The scenarios depicted in this game are SHTF, end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it stuff, and are very likely to NOT happen, at least in our lifetime…but it could..and being a prepper, I like to think about the possibilities NOW rather than in the moment. This “Game” helps do that.

And to be honest, I can only take this in very small doses at one sitting. It is easy to sit back and judge choices made on The Walking Dead, when I’m not actually there. But step into that situation, and REALLY think “What would I do if..” and “what SHOULD I do?”… because the two questions will almost always have a different answer…

And to up the ante a bit, if you go to the website, they offer a weekly live scenario discussion, as well as archived discussions from previous weeks.


Just like Robert Kiyosaki’s “Cashflow” game series can improve your financial edge, Conflicted: The Survival Game can improve your survival edge in case we ever have a systemic breakdown. Call it education-based insurance in case TSHTF.

To be blunt, most of you really shouldn’t even LOOK at this game – it’s too brutally honest for most. But, if you are REALLY ready to take the next step, the scary step of admitting that things can go horribly, horribly wrong in our lifetime and you want to try to be ready for it, just in case, click here to take a closer look.


The rest of you, go here instead.


Yes, that was mildly offensive…but life is like that sometimes…



In either case, as always,


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