Book Review – The Survivalist Series and a Giveaway

Book Review – The Survivalist Series and a Giveaway

To celebrate the release of ESCAPING HOME, the latest installment in A. American’s The Survivalist Series, I was asked by if I was interested in reviewing the latest in the series. I asked a few questions, and was given answers that seemed to almost be custom-made for me.

  • The story is based in Florida. I live in Florida!
  • It is written about a grid down scenario resulting from an EMP.  I try to prepare myself for disaster, because bad things happen!
  • The situation has the main character working on the road away from home. I work on the road away from home!
  • The main character carries an emergency kit in his vehicle at all times. I carry emergency supplies in my vehicles.
  • And best of all, I was given the books to read for free. I like free stuff. (If you do too, check the giveaway at the bottom)

And Prepper Fiction, to me, is like an addictive drug. I cannot get enough of it, and cannot help myself while I’m under it’s influence. I get to that bit later under the “The Ugly” section. First about the stories.

The Survivalist Series by A. American
The Survivalist Series
A. American

So far, there are three in the series. The first book, Going Home:  A Novel of Survival by A. AmericanGoing Home has the main character, Morgan Carter, several hundred miles from home when an EMP hits, stranding him. The story follows as he takes action and heads towards his home…on foot. It covers much of his tactics without being too technical, as well as how he deals with the people he meets along the way.

The second book, Surviving Home, has Morgan finally making it back to his family, and covers the interactions with his neighbors and how they deal with the catastrophe. As the veneer of civilization peels away, and society breaks down, so does the neighborhood.

The third book of the series, Escaping Home, finds Morgan and his family facing martial law, a complete breakdown of society, and only two options, struggle to stay in your prepared home with enemies knowing your location, or move to an unknown, more secluded location.


The Good

I was hooked from the moment I started reading. Not 5 minutes into the read, I found myself in the story. Morgan’s actions are believable, and the explanation of the equipment and methods used were not too technical to lose me. The plot development was also believable, as were the actions of most of the characters.

I am self employed, so reading is a luxury for me. I found time enough to run through all three of the book in less than two weeks, where any other reading of this length would have taken at LEAST twice that. I read while I was eating, in between jobs, when I woke up, and as I was going to sleep. I was absolutely hooked.

The Bad

Some of the grammar was off (and this coming from a West Virginia Hillbilly!) Also there were a few editing issues. And finally, my copies were read on a Kindle, delivered electronically from, a new resource to me. The formatting on the Kindle had a few wonky bits, with some of the page formatting being off. However, none of these were a significant issue. My only REAL problem (and a selfish one at that)  was that I was rather unhappy as I neared the end of the third book, I realized it was NOT the last, and I now have to wait for any continuation. (The fourth book is due out in spring, 2014. Looking forward to it!)

The Ugly

Now here is the ugly part of the series. These books hit me at a personal level. I could picture many of the places in the story, having actually been to some of them. As I followed along, I KNEW where the author was talking about.

It spooked me.

So much that after getting into the second book, where supplies were starting to run short, and neighbors were starting to do ANYTHING to get food, while coming home after work, I would stop buy the local big-box store and buy a 25 pound bag of rice, take it home vacuum seal it, and put it away.

I did this twice. And I already HAD plenty of rice.

I also put up several other long term storables, partly because timing was right (sales and such) and partly motivated by these books.

So the “ugly” part about this book is that it made me think….


…and that is just what the author wanted the story to do :)



Of all of the Prepper Fiction I’ve read, and that is a LOT, this is some of the best overall for content, readability, and entertainment.  If you like action/adventure, or are into prepping, or simply like to read and support a local Florida author, give these a try.

In fact, if you would like to test it out, goto this link:

Going Home

and click on the picture. You should be able to read the first 6 pages, along with several others throughout the book to get a feel for it.

And if you like it, enter your name in the comments below, along with an email address in the proper box to enter for a drawing for a copy of all three in either paperback or Kindle format, thanks to the great folks over at The drawing will be held this Sunday, December 15th, 2013.

Just so you are aware, I was in no way given any compensation for doing this review, other than being given personal electronic copies in order to read the books listed. These really are good reads. If you don’t win, go get yourself a copy.


It is well worth it.



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  1. I am very interested in these books. I love to read survival stories. It would even be better if I could win them. Thank you

  2. Sounds like a good read! I’ve not read anything from the prepper fiction genre before, but I think I’d like it given all my other interests. Prepping is not very common here in Australia, and TV shows like Doomsday Preppers just makes Aussies think prepping is another “crazy American thing” and an excuse to play with assault rifles :-(.

    1. Doomsday Preppers IS a crazy thing, and a VERY slanted view of a normal process. It is also spin done to sensationalize what I would consider proper planning. A show about someone buying 50 pounds of rice and packing it away for a rainy day simple doesn’t draw an audience, and therefore won’t sell advertisement.

      But just about EVERYONE preps at some level.

      Simple things like buying insurance, or filling your car up with gas before a trip are “prepping”. As I’ve said many times before, “BAD things happen”, it just doesn’t have to be zombies or a alien invasion. Simple things like a twisted ankle would be made easier with a little prepping. I personally have missed work due to an illness, and since we had a few weeks of food stocked up, not being able to work didn’t mean we also didn’t get to eat.

      And, also for the record, I don’t have any of what are labeled “assault rifles”. Mine are simple for hunting. The fact that they are not black yet still have high capacity magazines is incidental :)


  3. Well, I sure would like to win the books since Amazon is charging $3,399.00 for each, no kidding, I just looked them up since I rarely win anything. Think I’ll wait til the price comes down.

    1. Its actually a LOT less, if you aren’t buying the hardback. Kindle price is around $5.00, and paperback is around $10.00. For $3.000, I can buy the writes to print off my own hardback version…sheesh!

  4. Also a Fan of James Wesley Rawles,Patriots William R. Forstchen’s One Second After
    Two good books. Would love to read some in a Florida setting.(got the rice too db)

  5. Damn you…..I started reading the first 6 pages, bought all three ebooks and didn’t get any thing done for the next three days , could not stop reading.
    What will happen next, I know it’s a story so it can and will go for the best out come.

  6. I am reading the first book, Going Home. I love it. I am also a WV Hillbilly, and I am now more serious about prepping. Looking forward to reading #2 Surviving Home.

  7. Retired.Just got GOING HOME@ Wal-Mart. Great read. Hope SURVIVING HOME comes to the store soon. Could easily relate to Morgan, and his problems. Good luck with your endeavors.

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