Revisiting My choice in animals for “Urbansteading”

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This is a repost of one of my first articles. I’ve gotten a lot of questions as to why I’ve chosen these, so thought I’d repost it to get it out there again.
Living 5o feet from another family makes certain choices VERY important. Your TV volume, […]

FloridaHillbilly – The Daily Process

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I originally started writing this as a means of getting things off my chest. As I started to develop a few readers, I realized some of my BS was actually entertaining, possibly even educational.
This has evolved into a
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DIY Bird Plucker

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My Muscovy ducks have grown out to the appropriate size, so it’s time to start harvesting.  If you’ve seen my post,  Muscovy Ducks – Yard to Table, you saw just how long it took me to pluck one…over 45 minutes! Mind you, it was the first bird I’d plucked […]

Baby Muscovy Ducks

December 2012 Update

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Lots of things are happening here at!
Just as I’m out of the woods from my hernia surgery, I get a nasty bout of kidney stones, and dealing with another one as I write this
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Lime n Thyme Oven Roasted Muscovy

Muscovy Ducks – Yard to Table

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For the faint of heart, and/or the vegans. Be warned that this post includes descriptions and video of animals being dispatched for food. If you don’t like the thought of facing your food, don’t bother to read any further. I’m not writing this to make friends, or […]

Post-Op Ramblings…

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I’m feeling much better today, able to move around with a lot less pain. Now to get back into a more “regular” sleep pattern. I’ve been sleeping most days and up most nights for the last few days, throwing off everyone’s daily routine. My posts have been irregular at best, and […]

Muscovy ducklings

Baby Duck (NOT the wine!)

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We had a recent addition to the back yard – ten baby duck hatched out last Saturday! Not a bad result from 13 eggs that were in the nest. Unfortunately, we’ve already lost two, I think they slipped into the neighbors yard and became doggie snacks. When I first saw […]