Free books! Quail Q&A, and other tidbits from Floridahillbilly

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Today’s article was brought to you by the generous folks over at Go check out their great line of “Multifunction Eyewear Necessities”, and tell them FloridaHillbilly sent you!
Today I am updating everyone on a few changes here at, as well as answering […]

No Post Today

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Nothing written today, mostly because I needed my sleep last night. I did want to tell everyone that I’ve
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Interview at

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Today I’ll be talking instead of writing. I was recently interviewed by the great folks over at, Aaron and Jason.
Here is their post regarding my interview:

Episode 101: The Season II Finale
by AARON FRANKEL on MAY 12, 2013

 Episode 101: The Season II Finale [ 1:23:41 | 38.81 MB 
 Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download(Right-click, […]

Unfinished Projects – Motorizing a Kayak

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About two years ago, BlueTang and I did a kayak dive trip, dropping our kayak in the Intercoastal Waterway at Jimmy Graham Park,  paddled up the Intercoastal to a narrow spot on the beach, portaged our kayaks and all of our dive gear across, paddled out about […]

Goliath grouper

Goliath Grouper Catch and Release

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Here is a story of something I would never experience had I not lived here. Makes me happy to be where I am.
I went fishing with a friend today, and had a rather unique experience. He happens to work at a local nuclear power plant, and have access […]

Baited Breath Part 3 – Bait Shrimp

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In the past year, I’ve eaten mullet, and sand fleas, and while both are considered bait locally, both are edible, and are on my “goto” list….if the world ever ends. Actually, neither were that bad, just not worth the effort when other options are available
A few […]

Kayak Fishing as a Prepper

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Preparing for things is a part of all segments of my life. This is how not being prepared can ruin your day, but being prepared makes the uncomfortable into a non-issue. This is also a fish story, and as everyone should know, fisherman lie…so take this with a […]

Fishing Manners

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Each morning, I go through the emails that have accumulated overnight, at least the ones where I’m a subscriber. Green Deane’s newsletter, Survival Punk, GunsAmerica Blog, The Survival Podcast, and others all post regularly, and I look forward to seeing what they have to say.
This morning, I was reading another such […]

Drying Fish – Kingfish

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I was given a fresh-caught a couple days ago, and promptly sliced up some steaks and fried it. Lovely! Kingfish is a mackerel, one of the larger ones. The offer a nice fight, and if properly handled and prepared, a tasty meal.
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Gear Review: Hotsnapz Reusable Heat Pads

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I live in Florida, the southern half, way down south where bananas grow. But even here, we almost get frost. And when the temps dip into the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, water temps drop FAST. Since I get into swimming pools for my work, I have had […]