Product Review: hides® Classic

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First, let me state, the lower case “h” in “hides® Classic ” is not a typo, I don’t want my senior English teacher hunting me down….And I’ll follow up with, “anyone that is so laid back as to NOT capitalize the name of their product is pretty awesome in my […]


The Mullet Run

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Love `em or hate `em, mullet are a vital part of the local saltwater ecosystem. This is the time of year that the water temps start to drop and the mullet start to head to warmer southern waters for the winter, in order to spawn.
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Invasion of the Giant Tiger Prawn

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Remember when I went flounder gigging? Well, tried…mostly I was just wading around playing like I was a 12 year old. I mentioned seeing a lot and even catching some shrimp, and wanting to do it again, specifically targeting shrimp.
Well I noticed one shrimp that was much […]

Post-Op Ramblings…

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I’m feeling much better today, able to move around with a lot less pain. Now to get back into a more “regular” sleep pattern. I’ve been sleeping most days and up most nights for the last few days, throwing off everyone’s daily routine. My posts have been irregular at best, and […]

Lionfish and Ciguatera – Final (??) Update

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Back in early July, I posted a warned that had been broadcast by most media markets regarding lionfish being unsafe to eat due to ciguatera.
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Gold finds with Prizm V

Metal Detecting – The only hobby I’ve ever had that pays for itself

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I went to the beach last week to try my hand at cast-netting some dinner. (Green Deane made it sound easier than I found it to be.)
As I was getting out of my truck, the a saw a guy loading […]

On my todo list: Recreational Shrimping

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For Florida:
Recreational Shrimping Regulations
Bag Limit: Individuals can take 5 gallons, heads on, per harvester per day. Possession limit of no more than 5 gallons, heads on, per vessel at any time regardless of the number of persons onboard.
I’ve gone fishing, set trotlines, jug fishing, clamming, spearfishing, lobstering, seining, […]

cast net sheepshead

I Tried Using Cast Nets for Food, Not Bait

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I went to the beach this morning to try my hand at cast-netting some dinner. (Green Deane made it sound easier than I found it to be.)

A cast net is a round net with a collar in the center of it, a heavy line stitched […]

Copy of DSCF5663

Product Review: Danco Aluminum Fishing Pliers

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While I was out fishing with SB, he saw I was carrying one of my Leatherman multitools, all great products in my opinion. Seeing I was fumbling, he whipped his pliers out and said, if I was going to try to fit in and spend any time […]


Up next: Stingray for Dinner!

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In regards to my failed attempt at flounder gigging, and a reference to my canned mullet, I recieved this on my FloridaHillbilly Facebook page today:
SB-“If all else fails, maybe you could try canning stingray.”
And I got to thinking….why not? Well, maybe not canning it, but stingray as a […]