On my todo list: Recreational Shrimping

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For Florida:
Recreational Shrimping Regulations
Bag Limit: Individuals can take 5 gallons, heads on, per harvester per day. Possession limit of no more than 5 gallons, heads on, per vessel at any time regardless of the number of persons onboard.
I’ve gone fishing, set trotlines, jug fishing, clamming, spearfishing, lobstering, seining, […]

Not my flounder

First try at Flounder Gigging

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I went gigging Sunday morning around 2am. Me, a couple flashlights, and a three prong gig. The plan was to sneak up on some flounder and sheepshead and invite them to dinner as the guest of honor. I’m very glad I went, even if I went alone.
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Thrifty Food Buys for 9 August 2012

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This is my only “regular” weekly post, and it revolves around stores in my area, and food that we eat. We practice “Eat what you store, store what you eat”. Since I try to eat “Paleo”, this means very little food that includes any grains, legumes, […]

Thrifty Food Buys for 26 July 2012

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This weekly post will revolve around stores in my area, and food that we eat. Saving money by buying in bulk is no good if you are storing food you will never eat. “Eat what you store, store what you eat” will be my guidelines. To […]

Speared Sheephead

A Kayak Trip to Boy Scout Island

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Well, I think it’s Boy Scout Island…seems there is some confusion as to what spoil island is actually Boy Scout. I thought I would go with that title instead of “A Kayak Trip to the northernmost island south of the Stuart causeway”. It just doesn’t flow well….
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Paleo Mole Crab Poppers or “With Baited Breath”

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I love to fish, it’s a serious distraction to me. And while I try to learn as much as possible, I’ve grown to understand that they call it “fishing” rather than “catching” for a reason.
I was fishing late one evening about 18 years ago with my oldest […]

My edible trees

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The development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.

With no frost (sub-tropical, even), and adequate rainfall here, things grow. And grow. And, well you get the point. If I can only
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How to open green coconuts for water

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One of the safest sources of both food and water found across most of the tropics is the coconut. Living along the coast in zone 9b, I am well into the growing area for the multipurpose trees. I will try to
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