Rabbit Milk Cheese

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Life is full of patterns, many of them are simply our idle brains putting together completely unrelated facts and trying to find some relationship between them. Everyone does it, some better than others. I’m not one of the more observant ones most of the time, but when I see a […]

Coloring Quail Eggs for Easter

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A quick one, it’s been a hectic week, I even missed posting yesterday, sorry!
Today is Good Friday (as if they make a BAD Friday…). That means Easter is a couple days away. And while I don’t go to church, I know that the proper way to celebrate the […]

Rabbit Jerky

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I love my rabbits. They offer me therapy, handling them and working with them each day is soothing to me. They offer me some of the best manure I can find for my gardens, allowing me to make my great soil in my raised beds even better. And of course, they […]

Grind Your Own Red Pepper Flakes For Better Quality and Flavor

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When I was writing about making curry powder from long term preps, I also included a bit about grinding my own red pepper flakes.
I mentioned that once a year I gather as many different dried peppers as I can find. This year, […]

Backyard Egg Options

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A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.
I have a fairly wide selection of eggs in my refrigerator, considering I raise them myself on little over a quarter acre in town. 

Here are the results from
(function() {var s = document.createElement(‘script’);var t = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0];s.type = ‘text/javascript';s.async = […]

Rabbits for Dog Food

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I raise rabbits mostly for my own consumption, though from time to time, I will sell a few to offset the costs of feeding them. For the most part, I waste very little, and probably do close to breaking even on most months, give or take $20. I am […]

Questions and Answers Feb 2013

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Today, I ‘m doing a Q&A session with some of the many questions I get. Today, I’m covering whittling, food, and rabbit questions. Feel free to drop me a line at:
db at floridahillbilly.com
and I’ll answer your questions, and possibly include it in a future article.
Here we go!
Spoon Carving […]

Curry Powder from Preps and Making your own Hot Pepper Flakes

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The weather here has been beautiful, though the nights have been less so, and have been driving down the water temps. Since I spend a lot of my time during the week in the water, I feel the cold.
Last week, when the […]

Alternative uses for Papayas

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Remember when I wrote about my volunteer papaya tree?
How about them tasting like vomit?
Well, as my papayas grow out and ripen, I’ve been cutting, smashing, or busting them open for the chickens to eat. The seem to like it, and that’s fine with me! At least I’m getting something […]

Hickory Bark Syrup

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My step father has family in Canada that makes maple syrup on a commercial basis. Every year, I get a can or two from my mother. I love the stuff. Unfortunately, there aren’t many maple trees in Florida, and whose never really have the weather to get a true sap […]