Front Porch Memories

As a kid spending time at my grandparents house, much time was spent sitting on the front porch. It was where we would sit while shucking corn, shelling peas, and stringing beans. We would play tag, run, laugh, jump, climb, and cause general low-grade mayhem as kids. It was the social gathering point whenever folks would stop by to visit. Lots of fond memories involve time spent on that front porch.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday this year, I had the opportunity to make a few more front porch memories.

After a long morning in the woods, I decided to kick off my boots and lay on the porch swing.

feet kicked up

My view consisted of the flag pole, showing off the unseasonably warm breeze.


And the view “up the road”.

West Virginia Dirt Road

I didn’t see a single car i the hour or so I spent relaxing there. Not uncommon for the area I was in. And a good thing too – this is a West Virginia dirt road…I’d receive a fine blanket of dust if any car passed by.

But I was lucky. Nothing bothered me. I laid there, swinging slightly in the breeze. The wind blew across my feet, drying my Merino wool socks.

In the distance, a shot would ring out from time to time, after all it WAS deer season. Crows called, doing their best to out gossip each other. A four wheeler crossed a ridge over a mile away, just barely audible from where I was sitting.

The wife and kids had gone to town, the boys were hunting still, and the house was empty.


Peace, solitude, a level of serenity I don’t often achieve these days. I’m guessing not many of us do. A moment I think back to quite often lately as the holiday season rushes by.

And with that, I suggest you take the time to stop, look around, and enjoy life for what it is.

For the most part, we are where we are in life due to choices we have made. Reflect on what put you where you are, and rejoice that you’ve made it this far. Life is fleeting, folks. In a blink of an eye it is over if you aren’t careful. You have got to make time for yourselves, nobody can or will do that for you.

So during this holiday season, as the kids are opening their presents, or as the ball is dropping on yet another year, or simply as you are having a cup of coffee on a morning you would normally be rushing to work – pause for a moment. Stop everything. Smile. No matter what your situation, know that in THAT moment, you are in control of your destiny….

Reflect on that.

Savor it.

File it away for a moment in the future where you REALLY NEED a bit of sanity.



And then go back to your hustle and bustle as the kids grump about the wrong color socks, the timer on the stove goes off, the phone rings, or any of a hundred thousand other possibilities that drags us to and fro throughout the day.


But know that for a moment…you were in control. If you take the time to make that moment, nobody can ever take that away from you. And on your death bed, you are far more likely to remember THAT moment than you are to remember that day you worked an extra 4 hours to get some inane project done for your boss.

That old porch I spent the peaceful hour on, with the wind murmuring a soft lullaby in my ears? It served up one last memory for me as I left. One of friends, family, love and the joy of life.

front porch memory 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year I wish you and yours Freedom, Health, and the ability to cope with whatever stressful situation forces itself on you in 2015.


And with that, you might start to understand why I always sign off with





  1. Sounds like your trip was wonderful. I am trying hard this year to not try so hard…..for Christmas-less gifts, more food, no more worrying about the floors being spotless, I only dust what people can see, leave the ceiling fans on low to hide the dust, ….never had anyone complain about things not being perfect. But we all will remember the kids making forts out of piles of leaves, adding a new ornament to the tree mixed in with ornaments older than most of us. We have the bitter sweet memories of all the ones no longer with us, especially a much loved aunt who was famous for her potato salad. But the tradition will continue, someone else has taken up the task of providing it for our party. We continue to use my mother-in-law’s fake mistletoe ball over the doorway, she has been dead more than thirty years. New traditions are being made by the younger family members…..a nine year old boy who makes Oreo balls each year despite his mama’s rules about no sugar.
    Hope everyone has a quiet and peaceful Christmas

    1. The only thing that makes time’s progression bearable is that it happens slowly.

      As we lose our loved ones, someone picks up the tradition they left behind, partly in memory, and partly because it reminds us of them. Little by little, our lives adjust from “what was” to “what is”. Nostalgia keeps us tied to the past, thankfully.

      Go make some memories…and I hope those Oreo Balls are tasty :) And I have a crockery mixing bowl set that is older than I am that was used for several decades to make biscuits every week. Those same bowls sit collecting dust since I no longer eat biscuits (gluten intolerance)..but I’ll NOT get rid of those bowls, even tho I seldom use them anymore.

      Memories are what makes an item or a habit precious. Keep a firm grip on those memories!

    1. I shaved on Black Friday. The picture without my beard was taken the day after that. When I was done, I saw my face for the first time in two months…then promptly stopped shaving again.

      I’ll be sporting a beard now….I like it.


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