Prep Item Review: Happy Squeeze Coco Products

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Browsing through the isles of my grocery store, on my mission of procurement (buying groceries), I often look for good items to stock for hurricane season, or other unfortunate circumstances. I stare longingly at the cans of SPAM (on sale this week, too!), sardines, canned fruits, and of course the beef jerky.

Much of it could be replaced with home versions, canned rabbit or canned chicken in place of Spam, canned mullet in place of the sardines, home made jams jellies, and preserves, as well as canned whole fruit for the tinned versions, and if you are a regular reader here, you must realize by now that I almost always prefer to make my own jerky, no matter what animal source.

Most store bought products have roughly the same storage life as home preserved items, only the store bought versions offer the convenience of not having to learn to can (though it REALLY is so simple to do!).

Every once in a while, I run across a product that offers a 1 to 2 year storage life, but instead of a jar or can, it is in a foil pouch. No can opener needed, no glass jars to protect from dropping, foil pouches are a great invention. If they are good enough for the US Military to use for MREs, they are good enough for me.

I just wish the process was a little more simple for the home canner…so far my research has turned up nothing that I consider as a safe process, only folks trying to sell their products, saying that it is safe without any research backing it up. Like Penn and Teller, I’m calling “Bullshit!

So until I find what I consider a safe process for home canners, I’ll stick with off the shelf products. Like the one below:

Happy Squeeze Coco Products

Marketed as “Organic Superfood”, I’ll simply call it a decent source of good food, only pre-chewed and foil packaged. This is perfect for the lazy baby bird in all of us! Simply twist the cap off, and squeeze the contents into your mouth, astronaut-style. I like the delivery system. Quite a bit. Happy Squeeze Coco Products

The texture is like that of smooth fruit smoothy, pretty much what it is. The mouth feel is nice, and almost pudding-like, probably due to the fats from the coconut milk.

Happy Squeeze Coco Products
Strawberry-Coconut Milk on the left,
Orange-Mango- Coconut Milk on the right

And as to the flavor, I think it is worth getting more, the taste is that good. The strawberry-coconut one was nice, with subtle hints of coconut, and a mostly strawberry flavor. The orange-mango-coconut milk was FAR better, in my opinion, and I’d be happy drinking more of those, one after another.

In fact, I took a break after writing what you’ve read so far, and I went out and picked up a couple more of the orange-mango-coconut milk for a little orange-mango-coconut milk over iceexperiment….Hillbilly style, with the obligatory Floridian twist…


I added a packet to some crushed ice….in a Mason jar, of course!



orange-mango-coconut milk plus rum



I added a half-jigger of white rum….


orange-mango-coconut milk plus rum



Then taste-tested it…..








All joking aside, it IS a decent way to add some quick and convenient fruits to your long term preps. The only real drawback, like anything convenient, is the price. At $1.39 for a 3.5 ounce package, it works out to $6.35 per pound…a bit steep…but I’ll be putting this on my sales watch, and if and when it ever goes on sale, I’ll be buying some.


If nothing else, it will add some tropical flavor to those hurricane parties!



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