make your own taco seasoning mix

Using Bulk Stored Goods – Taco Seasoning and Corn Bread

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Recently, I made it home from work before my wife did. Since she’s such a trooper in dealing with all the things that make most folks look at me in a strange manner (at least living here in town), I thought it would […]

Prepping vs Prices

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Today’s article is brought to you by Stacey’s Tasties. They offer a long lists of canned jams and jellies, including my personal candied jalapeno recipe. She sells out quickly, but is always making more….drop her a line to see what she has in stock…and tell her Florida Hillbilly sent ya! […]

Forming a Prepper Group is Silly

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Today’s article was brought to you by the generous folks over at Go check out their great line of “Multifunction Eyewear Necessities”, and tell them FloridaHillbilly sent you!
“Prepper”, and “prepping” have started to become what the term “survivalist” was a few decades ago, the term for […]

Having Options

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(Remember when I wrote about re-purposing my old Droid cell phone? This post is being written completely on that tiny computer as a testament to its ability to function as a option, should the need arise.)
Having options is always a step in the preparedness direction, and while you may never need […]

Thrifty Food Buys for 9 August 2012

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This is my only “regular” weekly post, and it revolves around stores in my area, and food that we eat. We practice “Eat what you store, store what you eat”. Since I try to eat “Paleo”, this means very little food that includes any grains, legumes, […]