What’s in Yours?

In your pocket, that is. Or rather, what makes up your “EDC” or “every Day Carry” items.

I swim for a living, wearing swim trunks and a rash guard (fast drying shirt) every day. I only have a single pocket, so am limited to what I can carry. When I’m not at work, I prefer cargo shorts, mostly due to the large amount of pockets. In my way of thinking, cargo shorts are the stealth version of a backpack.

When working, with a single pocket, I’m limited to keys, a knife, Casio Pathfinder Forester Fishing watch, paracord bracelet, and my wallet at most. Since my keyring contains a bulky amount of items (BSA spark stick, Gerber Clutch multi-tool, one of my original USAF dogtags, and

multiple keys, I’ve opted for a system that allows me to choose what I need to take with me just like George Carlin’s “Stuff”. For my keyring, I use a twist-lock keyring cable. This gives fast access to any key that needs to be removed, yet retains everything securely. My two vehicle keys are each attached via their own #1 “S”biners from Niteize. When I leave my work truck for a short excursion, instead of throwing the entire key ring into my pocket on top of my phone( possibly damaging the screen), I unclip the required vehicle key, and attach it to my shirt collar. Secure, and easily accessible.

The BEST multi-tool EVER IMHO!

When I’m out any other time, the sky’s the limit, no telling what I may have in my pockets. As a minimum, I’ll have my wallet, keyring, two knives, a Leatherman Wave, paracord bracelt, Casio Pathfinder Forester Fishing watch, and 10 or so feet of paracord.


And that’s not counting my backpack I carry for day-to-day traveling…or my vehicle bag I try to have packed and ready in each vehicle…but those are posts for another day.

Folks call me “McGyver”, resulting partially to my ability to adapt what we have to resolve a situation, but also partially due to the work I do long before an issue arises to try to be ready for anything…just in case.

What do YOU carry very day? What can you bring along to add a little more self reliance should the need arise?



  1. I carry a keyrack by nitize, substituting the plastic mini-biners for metal ones. Nebo red and blueline flashlights, leatherman wave, whatever gun I feel like taking, rescue whistle buckle on my double cobra weave bracelet, cold steel ti lite, and a utility blade. Plus my EDC bag

  2. Hillbilly you are organized, and ready. I can’t even remember to carry my keys. IMHO the Wave is the second best Leatherman, but I do wish I had one.

  3. For me – car and truck key, house key, toolbox key. Wallet, work-phone, and a small maglite. Anything else and the drawers start to get too weighed down.

    Not so sure about your pink house key…haha..;-)

  4. I carry my phone, wallet(in it it has a credit card size sharpening stone and a few band aids and alcohol swabs), house key on a lanyard, Streamlight Stylus Pro LED Penlight, Spyderco Delica 4 as my main blade, Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker as my “people friendly” knife, and my Leatherman Micra because I like having scissors on me.

    I also carry and EDC bag with me wherever I go. That bag has my iPad, rubber bands, plastic bags, zip ties, tissues, about 50 ft of duct tape, 100 feet of paracord, small sewing kit, a lighter, pen, sharpie, blitex, whistle, maglight solitaire, first aid kit, about 5 s-biner clips, Buck Vantage Select, Mora Companion, Leatherman Wave, and a Victorinox Swiss Army Classic.

    1. Glad to see you are ready for anything…..no fishing pole? You should really have one of those :) (Or at least some fishing gear..you know, just in case….)

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