Jalapeno Spam

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Ironically, this article about Spam will be short.
We make, buy, stock and eat quite a bit of canned meats. From canned mullet and to Yoders bacon to canned rabbit, I’ve probably tried making it, or at least tasting it. And of course, I’ve eaten my share of Spam. Not as much […]

Having Options

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(Remember when I wrote about re-purposing my old Droid cell phone? This post is being written completely on that tiny computer as a testament to its ability to function as a option, should the need arise.)
Having options is always a step in the preparedness direction, and while you may never need […]

Backyard Egg Options

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A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.
I have a fairly wide selection of eggs in my refrigerator, considering I raise them myself on little over a quarter acre in town. 

Here are the results from
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Kayak Fishing as a Prepper

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Preparing for things is a part of all segments of my life. This is how not being prepared can ruin your day, but being prepared makes the uncomfortable into a non-issue. This is also a fish story, and as everyone should know, fisherman lie…so take this with a […]

Bad Luck

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I had a bad day last week. The work I had lined up was going to cost me money, all warranty work. The water temps were in the 60’s, too cold to be working underwater, if you ask me. I just found out that my drysuit needs repaired, so I’d not […]

Grow your Own Sugarcane

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I’ve read articles about growing beets for sugar, but beets are a cold weather crop, something that, other than the last few days, we just don’t have much of here in Zone 10A. (I actually got the idea for this article when I was eating a can of beets […]

If TSHTF: Eating Dog

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When our girls were very young, and before we had any animals, I made a house rule to cut short a request for a cat:
“We can have any animal we want, as long as we realize that one day we will eat it”
I said this partly in jest, but […]

Preparing your Rabbits for Lean Times

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I was fortunate to run into Aaron of the InTheRabbitHole Podcast Monday night in a group meeting, and of course the subject of rabbits was talked about for quite a long time. One of the subjects we discussed was what to do in the event that the […]

My off The Grid Coffee Options

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James over a SurvivalPunk wrote up his method for off the grid coffee, and while his works fine, I decided I wanted to express my method too. (He does seem to bring out the competitor in me, and I’m thankful for his prodding and motivation. Thanks Bro!)
I  […]

My Long Term Storage Arrangements

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If you didn’t know, I’m what you’d call a “prepper”.  But I find it amusing that what I grew up doing now has a trendy label. Its not like my parents were tinfoil hat wearing paranoids. Far from it. We put food up for the future because it […]