A Visit at Bogle’s Bunny Farm

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For the last few months, I have been getting grief from RidgeRunner about the rabbit hides I give him. Grief might be a strong term. Let’s just say he’s bored with white.
Yes, too cryptic, I know. You see, RidgeRunner gets all of the rabbit hides when I […]

Reef Hunter

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I’ve mentioned my friend SB several times. He and his family introduced me to spear fishing, a past time I’ve used to replace one of my old loves, hunting. SB has also impressed me with his smoked rabbit and reminded me of the value of brining before cooking.
And since he was […]

Saving Lost Skills – Pioneer Family Days at Heathcote Botanical Gardens

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I received an email from my wife’s aunt, Nan, who happens to be Heathcote Botanical Gardens’s Educational Coordinator. Her email was in regards to yesterday’s post on harvesting meat rabbits. She mentioned that she would be willing to run the camera for […]

Having Options

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(Remember when I wrote about re-purposing my old Droid cell phone? This post is being written completely on that tiny computer as a testament to its ability to function as a option, should the need arise.)
Having options is always a step in the preparedness direction, and while you may never need […]

Backyard Aquaponics – Bell Siphon, The Magic of the System

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In my previous post about the aquaponics system I’ve built, I mentioned something called a “bell siphon”, and called it magic. In truth it is simply science, but works so well and does so much with a very simple setup, that it may […]

Fishing Manners

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Each morning, I go through the emails that have accumulated overnight, at least the ones where I’m a subscriber. Green Deane’s newsletter, Survival Punk, GunsAmerica Blog, The Survival Podcast, and others all post regularly, and I look forward to seeing what they have to say.
This morning, I was reading another such […]

Countertop Mushrooms

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Last weekend on Saturday morning, the wife and I hit another local green market, located in Ft. Pierce. It’s broken into two sections, crafts and edibles. We blazed through the crafts, but took our time in the edibles section. The selection of both was fantastic, but the food section was what […]

Product Review: Jar-Z Custom Koozies for Mason Jars

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I was hanging out with SB over the summer when I had a great idea for a product -an insulated Mason jar holder! I drink from Mason jars all the time, only here in Florida, condensation is ridiculous. An insulated jar cover would be great […]

SALESMAN OF THE YEAR – An Opinion on Gun Control

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I was working on a post when I stumbled upon an article that not only caught my attention, I couldn’t stop reading it. The author was well versed in what he spoke about, and what he wasn’t an expert on, he didn’t offer […]

Gear Review: Hotsnapz Reusable Heat Pads

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I live in Florida, the southern half, way down south where bananas grow. But even here, we almost get frost. And when the temps dip into the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, water temps drop FAST. Since I get into swimming pools for my work, I have had […]