I am Just Like Superman (And Eating Dried Morels)

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I’m usually “that guy” folks call on to resolve a problem. I’m the one folks say they will go to if TSHTF. I am a rock during a crisis, it seems.

Clark Kent, mild mannered man by day, but when the need arises, he dons his tights and a cape then proceeds to save the day. That is a close approximation of me. Seriously.superman-logo-012

Stick with me until the end, and you will agree.

Sort of.

The comparison:

Him: Glasses by day
Me: Check!

Him: Patriotic.
Me: Check!

(And excellent start!)

Him: Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
Me: Nope. Don’t even like heights.

Him: X-Ray vision
Me: I wear glasses just to SEE.

Him: Always seen wearing a blue and red tights and a cape.
Me: I wear camo a lot, does that make it a costume?

OK, maybe you are correct in thinking we are not much alike….

But wait, how about “able to remain calm in the face of impending doom”?
I cry at the end of “Old Yeller”, does that count against me?

OK, how about this:

Him: (Loosely paraphrased, mind you) Super powers are derived form living on a different planet than his home planet, making most any other being from his planet that visits Earth to have the same powers.
Me: AHA!


The folks that know me where I live think that I am some sort of Prepper or survivalist type, but in all honesty, what I do is mostly what everyone else does, where I came from. Even in 2013, I have friends in West Virginia (some even read this) that think I’m rather silly to write about canning, making jerky, or foraging for wild edibles.

I have friends in the Asheville, NC area that trap every year, and not only prepare the hides for sale, but also eat much of the Dried Morel Mushroomsmeat from some of the more choice animals they catch. They also forage for, among other things, mushrooms, and even sent me some (Thanks again, guys! No, we haven’t eaten them all yet, I’m pushing the wife by writing this!)

My point is, what I do isn’t anything special for me or lots of other folks. They simple have, or in my case, make the opportunity. Doing what I do is simply a choice.Anyone can become Superman (or Superwoman for that matter!)

Much of what I do every day was taught to me as a regular occurrence, like taking care of animals that provide food. I will agree that not everyone can raise animals the way I do, but there isn’t a person reading this that cannot grow a batch of basil. Its a start.

And many of you have yards that you primp and manicure as though it were a felony if you didn’t. But if you can grow grass, you can probably grow sweet potatoes, and honestly, only others that grow them would recognize them for what they are. The unknowing would simply look at them as some sort of vine growing around your house acting as a ground cover.

Anyone can make their own beer, wine, bread, sourdough, vinegar, or jerky. You can also learn to can meats, make jams and jellies, and preserve food by dehydrating. Storing food is a simple task that used to be a common occurrence. Long Tem Preps

Think of how your much pressure would be off your shoulders if you lost a source of income, but knew you would still be able to eat for at least a week. Or a month. How about a year?

OK, really I’m not much like Superman, other than the fact that I care about my fellow human beings, and want to see them prosper and not suffer. (That and any small piece of my home in West Virginia makes me go weak.) What I do now to be ready for unfortunate situations, both large and small, may make me seem like an extraordinary person. I’m not, I’m just a country boy living in town, doing what all the other self reliant people that I grew up around are still doing today.

But by helping you learn to help yourselves, I start to feel ten feet tall and bulletproof. Nothing wrong with that, is there?

 As a bonus, here is

How to Eat Dehydrated Morels:

  • Put in water till rehydrated. They will get big. drain, and treat gentle like. brown morels are fragile fresh, much more after rehydration.
  • Roll in one egg with splash of milk.
  • Shake in container with finely crushed saltines.
  • Fry in Amish butter, or something near it. Not high heat, but med low. Brown both sides. I prefer to do them whole…..

From my friends in Asheville, TB & HB

(Now to get the wife to just do it! Her because she is far better at following directions, and is a much better cook than I am..and if she makes it, she might get a bite. If I do it, I’ll eat `em all!)


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  1. Do you find many morels down here? We used to go mushroom hunting in the spring in Michigan, but I’ve never been since.

    1. I don’t know if they grow here at all. I was never a `Shroomer myself, not sure why I never picked it up. I like mushrooms (to eat, not the mind altering kind). I do know that there are many varieties that are easily misidentified, and that can lead to illness and death (morels are not one of them, as I understand it).

      Maybe TB will chime in here, he’s the only `Shroom expert I know…

  2. db,
    I always split them in half as opposed to eating them whole. Since morels are hollow, not very often but every once in a while you will find a small snail, spider,… taking up residency inside. I have never eaten them dried, I will have to try that next year.


    1. Luckily, there are no poisonous spiders…so that is just added protein :)

      And crunch!
      Not so sure on the snails though…I believe some can ingest things that are harmful to us…thanks for the tip!

      My friends just dry them to store them…I do the same with store- bought `shrooms when I find them on sale.

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