Coturnix Quail for Homesteaders

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I’ve had a bit of interest over the last few weeks regarding quail as a backyard meat source. I thought I’d dust off the topic and put another article together covering the ins and outs of raising Coturnix quail, particularly in an urban setting. It is a rather long […]

Florida Urban Homestead Update Summer 2013

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Today’s article is brought to you by JM Bullion! If you are looking to get started investing in precious metals, or add some more to your portfolio, give the folks over at JM Bullion a shout. Seriously. Check them out!
This is one of those boring “Here is […]

Quail Links

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Here are links to articles I’ve written regarding Quail, listed in chronological order, oldest to newest.
My choice in animals for “Urbansteading”
Birds (chickens, ducks, & quail)
Thinking about Raising Coturnix or Pharoah Quail?
What to do with thirty Quail Eggs
Revisiting My choice in animals for “Urbansteading”
Coturnix Quail (Yes, Again!)
Backyard Egg Options
Coturnix Quail for Homesteaders […]

Quail Week Day 1 – Overview of My Setup And a live Video Feed

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I have most of my Coturnix Quail setup operational now, so I wanted to commit a week to describing my setup, go over the parts that I made, how I made them, and why I decided to make my […]

Coturnix Quail (Yes, Again!)

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SOOOOoooo I’ve been obsessing off and on about quail ever since BlueTang started me thinking about them. Recently, many factors have started bringing quail back into my radar, so I’ve decided to increase my numbers a bit to fill in some freezer (and jar) space.
I had some already, but […]

Farm Update Feb 2013

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I called this “Farm update” because “Backyard Update” just doesn’t have a nice ring to it. Plus it doesn’t look like a back yard…it looks like, well, a farm…a tiny, narrow, crowded farm. This has been a fairly busy week for me, and I just wanted to
(function() {var s […]

My take on “Rabbit starvation”

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Stumbling around, I came across a very nice website called The Wannabe Homesteader, and found some great info about starting tomatoes. The next day’s post was about rabbits, specifically, Why Rabbit Meat is Not The Best Survival Food. The author raised the question,
“..should a person include rabbit meat as […]

Thinking about Raising Coturnix or Pharoah Quail?

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Here is one reason why – eggs!
Yes, they are smaller. Yes the shell is thick when compared to the egg size. Yes they are difficult to open without busting up the shell and getting pieces of the shell into the egg.
However, they are tasty, make the […]